United Way awards health grants

United Way of Elkhart County awards nearly $420,000 in health grants to local organizations.
Posted on May 8, 2013 at 1:00 a.m. | Updated on May 8, 2013 at 11:52 a.m.

United Way of Elkhart County has awarded nearly $420,000 in health grants to local organizations that provide assistance to families struggling with chronic health conditions.

United Way’s partnership with the Council on Aging provides transportation services that help with life transitions and Life Enrichment Centers that encourage fellowship with other older adults.

The health grants were distributed as follows:

Ÿ ADEC: Day Services — $109,000

Ÿ ADEC: Family and Children Services — $25,000

Ÿ ADEC: Guardianship — $49,000

Ÿ ADEC: Technology Project — $30,000

Ÿ Cancer Journals Initiative — $12,000

Ÿ Council on Aging: Life Enrichment Centers — $36,500

Ÿ Council on Aging: Transportation — $22,000

Ÿ Family Christian Development Center: Medicine Assistance — $20,000

Ÿ Heart City Health Center: Medicine Assistance — $25,000

Ÿ Marian Hoogenboom Care House: Home Away from Home — $8,000

Ÿ Oaklawn: Medicine Assistance — $19,000

Ÿ Ribbon of Hope: Volunteer Coordination — $23,000

Ÿ United Cancer: Journey through Recovery — $16,000

Ÿ 2013 Health Innovation Grant Pool — $25,000

Local volunteers make all the decisions regarding United Way grants. They study research, conduct site visits and set United Way’s Health Strategy. Every volunteer lives or works in Elkhart County.

United Way’s Health Innovation grants give financial aid to local organizations with projects in need.

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