Gifts boost pace of Elkhart County Community Foundation grants

The pace of grants by the Elkhart County Community Foundation is picking up, thanks to the huge gift of Guy David Gundlach and other recent gifts. The foundation awarded nearly $409,000 to 26 different organizations in the most recent quarter.

Posted on April 30, 2013 at 1:00 a.m. | Updated on May. 1, 2013 at 11:10 a.m.

ELKHART — The impact of Guy David Gundlach’s huge gift, and other recent generous gifts to the Elkhart County Community Foundation, is speeding its spread into the community.

For the spring quarter, the foundation made $408,950 in grants to 26 nonprofit agencies and organizations.

During the last period of grant awards they gave out $560,353, but that covered the six months ending in December.

The foundation makes grants out of its community fund and gives out five percent a year. They use a formula that takes the average of several years of the balance in the fund, and that fund exploded last year with Gundlach’s gift. As the larger number dominates the average, the amount given out each quarter will continue to grow.

In the foundation’s announcement of the latest grant awards, they wrote, “Making the sometimes complex and challenging decisions on which grantees to select is the 12-member Grant Committee which is composed of representatives from ECCF’s board of directors and individuals from throughout the county.”

In addition to the committee, the foundation is conducting a listening tour across the county to let the community decide how to prioritize the foundation’s spending.

While the foundation was able to provide more community support than ever in the spring, the amount still covered only a portion of the requests. “The committee received a record number of applications this quarter: 45, which is double the number typically received. The total amount of support requested was $1,342,407,” the foundation reported.

The largest amounts went to Elkhart Community Schools ($67,000) and Premier Arts ($57,500) for separate two-year projects.

The foundation also gave $32,000 as a matching grant for the county parks department to rebuild the Oxbow Park Tower, which was destroyed by fire.

The grants cover everything from education to sports, from leadership development for nonprofit agencies to facility repairs.

The uptick in grants led the foundation to change its reporting this year from every six months to every quarter.

The full list of grants is below.

Ÿ New World Arts: $15,000

For digital film projector and sound system.

Ÿ Premier Arts: $57,500 for two years

Multi-year support of production facility renovation.

Ÿ Downtown Elkhart: $10,000

In support of the 2013 Elkhart Jazz Festival.

Ÿ Elkhart County Parks & Recreation: $32,000

A matching grant in support of Oxbow Tower rebuild.

Ÿ Goshen Chamber of Commerce: $10,000

In support of LaunchPad Technology Labs.

Ÿ Elkhart Park Foundation: $20,500

For Pierre Moran Pool upgrades.

Ÿ PCs for Youth: $2,000

For the rehab and distribution of computers for Elkhart County students.

Ÿ Back-2-School Elkhart: $20,000

For the purchase of backpacks and school supplies.

Ÿ ETHOS: $20,000

In support of summer training workshops for Elkhart County teachers.

Ÿ Amigo Centre: $6,300

For a furnace and dining hall upgrades to meet fire code regulations.

Ÿ Elkhart Community Schools: $67,000 for two years

Multi-year support for Summer Laboratory School Network; a collaborative effort with surrounding colleges and their pre-service teachers.

Ÿ Volunteer Lawyer’s Network: $10,000

In support of Elkhart County civil legal services for low-income families.

Ÿ Elkhart County Women’s Shelter: $15,000

For the replacement of flooring.

Ÿ Hemophilia of Indiana: $2,500

In support of services for Elkhart County families.

Ÿ Riverview Adult Day Center: $2,500

In support of Alzheimer’s Day programming for veterans.

Ÿ Riley Children’s Foundation: $20,000

In support of Social Work services for Elkhart County families.

Ÿ Wheelchair Help: $9,000

Emergency need repair for fire sprinkler system.

Ÿ Council on Aging of Elkhart County: $10,000 for two years

Multi-year support of the Pearls program.

Ÿ All God’s Children Childcare: $7,000

In support of summer programming for at-risk children.

Ÿ Boys and Girls Club of Nappanee: $5,000

In support of the Power Hour program.

Ÿ Boys and Girls Club of Middlebury: $5,000

In support of the Power Hour program.

Ÿ College Mennonite Church: $2,950

In support of summer programming for deaf children.

Ÿ North Wood Soccer Association: $35,000

In support of the Nappanee Soccer Complex.

Ÿ Edward Lowe Foundation: $21,000

In support of NFP CEO Roundtable Groups.

Ÿ Elkhart County Special Education Cooperative: $2,200

iPads technology and specialized programs for special needs children.

Ÿ Leader Legacy: $1,500

NPO scholarship support for Chick-fil-A Leadercast – Professional Development Series.


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