Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Goshen Schools added to Central time resolution

Posted on April 8, 2013 at 1:00 a.m.

GOSHEN — The Goshen School Board voted Monday evening, April 8, to add Goshen Community Schools to a list of more than 40 Indiana school systems that support observing Central Standard Time in Indiana during the winter and Central Daylight Time during the rest of the year.

Superintendent Diane Woodworth let the board know at its last meeting that the Central Time Coalition, an Indiana organization promoting Central time, had sent information to Indiana schools, asking them to sign a resolution showing support for Central time.

The resolution the board approved at its meeting Monday states that Central time and more morning sunlight would make it safer for students boarding buses and traveling to school, likely result in fewer weather delays, bring all of Indiana’s counties under one time zone and reduce scheduling conflicts because of different time zones and provide more sunlight before the start of school, which “benefits learning readiness.”

A few school board members stated that they were approving the resolution because of a desire to keep kids safe, but didn’t think change to Central time would really reduce weather delays or impact some of those other areas.

School Board President Jane Troup explained that Goshen Community Schools would be added to a list of other school systems that have approved similar resolutions supporting Central time that the Central Time Coalition has and will use in working with the Indiana General Assembly.

Woodworth said before the board’s vote, “I don’t know if it would go anywhere (as far as state lawmaking), but it would show our support.”