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Goshen Board of Zoning Appeals, March 26, 2013

Posted on March 27, 2013 at 1:00 a.m. | Updated on March 27, 2013 at 4:24 p.m.

Goshen Board of Zoning Appeals

When: Tuesday, March 26

Key action: Granted developmental variances regarding solar panels to Jonathan Byler on his property located at 310 Hackett Road.

Byler requested 43 total solar panels on his land, including 12 on the roof of the barn on his property and a ground-mounted array of 31 panels. The board allowed the ground panels on the conditions that the array be located directly south of the building and will not extend past the east and west edges of the barn in order to reduce the array’s visibility from the road.

After some discussion, the board also allowed Byler’s request that the ground panels be 24 feet in height, despite the barn only being approximately 22.5 feet tall. It was determined that the array would still not be visible from the road because the angle from the road to the barn would prevent the panels from being seen over the barn roof.

Other actions:

Ÿ Granted LaCasa, Inc.’s request for a developmental variance allowing construction of an open front porch and rear porch and sunroom with reduced setbacks, as well as more accessory area than permitted on a house at 1404 S. Main Street.

Planning and zoning administrator Rhonda Yoder recommended the board grant the request because the improvements LaCasa would make to the property would exceed the need for meeting the requirements.

Ÿ Denied LaCasa Inc’s request to allow 16 parking spaces instead of the required 22 for a proposed 16-unit apartment building for low-income individuals at 1775 Westplains Drive.

Alan Greaser, vice president of real estate for LaCasa, noted the organization has found that similar apartments they’ve worked on, there is not a need for more than one parking space per person.

He added that LaCasa wished to keep as much green space as possible on the property, but had enough to construct more parking if the need arose in the future.

Greaser also said LaCasa would be installing a privacy fence that would discourage apartment residents and their visiting friends and families from using business parking in the surrounding area.

Still, the board raised concerns of where friends and families of residents would park and Tom Holtzinger was concerned that the board would be setting a precedent they would regret later if they granted the variance.