Break starts Wednesday in Goshen, Friday for others

Spring break is starting earlier than usual for some Elkhart County kids, while most start later this week.

Posted on March 26, 2013 at 1:00 a.m. | Updated on March 26, 2013 at 5:21 p.m.

Most Elkhart County students will have six days out of school with spring break next week and Good Friday later this week. Goshen Community Schools and Bethany Christian Schools students, though, start their spring break Wednesday, March 27.

This is the first year that Goshen has had a more spread-out calendar that includes a week off for fall break, two weeks off for winter break and a week and a half for spring break.

Barry Younghans, Goshen High School principal, said that with so much time off at once, more high school teachers than usual had end-of-unit tests Monday and Tuesday.

He was a bit worried that with only two days of school this week, some families would want to go ahead and take a full two-week vacation and have their child miss those days, but Younghans said he hasn’t seen that.

“Attendance today was about like any other Monday,” he said Monday evening.

The days leading up to Goshen’s spring break have typically had many students missing, not only because of family vacations, but because of the high school’s marine biology class trip and other trips that had students leave Goshen a few days before the start of spring break. With the extended spring break this year, that isn’t an issue.

Bethany Christian Schools had some families take their students out of school a few days early to make for a two-week vacation, said Denise Risser, administrative assistant at the school. Attendance numbers were affected more by bouts of sickness early this year, she said.

Baugo, Concord, Elkhart, Fairfield, Middlebury and Wa-Nee schools all have this Friday off of school and then spring break from April 1-5, returning to class April 8.

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