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Goshen to post “no 40 foot trucks” signs on C.R. 38 Friday

Enforcement begins next week

Posted on March 8, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

GOSHEN — Sign posts are in place and the signs themselves, indicating no trucks 40 feet or longer, will be placed Friday, March 8, on C.R. 38.

The Goshen City Council passed the ordinance in November 2012, which prohibits trucks of that length from using C.R. 38, or Kercher Road, within the city limits.

That means trucks will not be allowed on C.R. 38 to go between C.R. 17 on the west side of the city to S.R. 15 on the east side. Trucks making deliveries on C.R. 38 will be exempt, but only if that is the most direct route to the business they are delivering to. Otherwise, trucks longer than 40 feet will need to find another route to go through the city, most likely on S.R. 119.

There will be eight signs informing truck drivers they are not to use the section of C.R. 38 within Goshen city limits. Four will be on new C.R. 17, while one each will be located the intersection of C.R. 21 and C.R. 38, and on South Main Street south of the Main Street and C.R. 38 intersection.

Two more signs will be placed on C.R. 38 itself, including one east of the railroad crossing and one in the Lake City Bank yard replacing the existing “no trucks” sign.

Though the ordinance passed in November, the council delayed enforcement until signs could be installed.

Beginning next week, however, Goshen police will begin enforcing the ordinance. City attorney Larry Barkes said that initially police will likely enforce the new rule in an educational way, simply informing drivers that they are not permitted on C.R. 38 rather than issuing citations right away.

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