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Dispose of old medications at police stations
Posted on Feb. 15, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

ELKHART — A set of permanent drug-collection boxes has been distributed throughout Elkhart County, offering an easier way for residents to dispose of unused medications.

The Elkhart County Drug-Free Partnership bought six boxes and installed them at the following local law enforcement agencies:

Ÿ Bristol Police Department

Ÿ Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department

Ÿ Elkhart Police Department

Ÿ Nappanee Police Department

Ÿ Goshen Police Department

The boxes were installed last week in the lobbies of each agency and are available during regular hours.

The new MedReturn boxes make it safer and within reach for someone wanting to dispose of their medications.

According to a press release from the Elkhart County Drug-Free Partnership, many unwanted or expired medications are often improperly disposed of. Flushing medications down the toilet or throwing them in a garbage can be hazardous to the environment.

The partnership focuses on four substances that people get addicted to: marijuana, alcohol, methamphetamine and prescription drugs, said Jessica Koscher, co-coordinator of the partnership.

She said the partnership hopes the MedReturn boxes will be a way of helping people get rid of medications that may be stolen or that could pose a threat to the environment.

A Lunch and Learn “Meth Today” will held April 1 at noon and is open to the public. Koscher said the lunch will be $15, and it is preferable, but not required, for people to register.