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While Kare Andersen is glad to sell chocolates in all sizes of heart boxes at the Olympia Candy Kitchen in Goshen, he’s not going to bring this six-pounder home because he has to put more thought into a Valentine’s Day gift for his wife. (Truth Photo by Justin Leighty)

Instead of the chocolates she’s making here in The Nut Shoppe in Goshen, Danae Bell would rather enjoy some time at home with a nice dinner for Valentine’s Day. (Truth Photo by Justin Leighty)

Sally Stutsman, owner of Goshen Floral, loves flowers, but she’ll see enough red roses this week to prefer exotic flowers or a massage. (Truth Photo by Justin Leighty)

While Dixie Richardson works to make the floral arrangements that will make Valentine’s Day special for others, the owner of Wooden Wagon Floral Shoppe would prefer some relaxing time with family for her holiday gift. (Truth Photo by Justin Leighty)
Goshen’s Valentine’s Day experts give their take on personal gifts

Posted on Feb. 12, 2013 at 12:00 a.m. | Updated on Feb. 12, 2013 at 11:56 a.m.

GOSHEN — If you’ve spent the last six weeks making chocolates or handled thousands of red roses this week, are either of those really what you want to give or get for Valentine’s Day?

The people at the heart of Valentine’s Day preparations have gifts in mind that are different from what they have in hand.


Andersen runs the family business, the Olympia Candy Kitchen. While Valentine’s Day is “huge for us,” with chocolate preparation taking six weeks to meet demand, he said he has to look elsewhere for something to bring home to his wife. After all, how special is a gift if you can just grab it off the shelf at work?

“I take candy home for the kids, but for her it would have to be jewelry or something like that,” Andersen said. “I have to put more thought into it.”


Bell and her husband run The Nut Shoppe with help from family members.

As she worked to make Valentine’s Day candies, she said the sweet stuff is part of her everyday life and wouldn’t make for much of a holiday gift for her. “I’d rather have flowers or just a night at home, not at the store. Dinner made for me at home, that would be nice,” she said.


Stutsman said flowers are still a popular choice for her female employees’ husbands, who sneak in and ask for something nice. Usually it isn’t roses for them.

“We love flowers, that’s why we do what we do,” Stutsman said. Still, she prefers tropical flowers like orchids. “After you’ve seen 2,000 roses go by, they’re pretty, but we like the unusual flowers,” she said.

Her first choice, though? “Massage and a hot tub, or massage and a bottle of wine.”


Richardson, owner of the Wooden Wagon Floral Shoppe, said, “I have whatever flower I want.”

What she really wants, she said, “because I work so hard Valentine’s Day, just to sit down. It seems as though since I’m in the business, the holidays aren’t as special.” She just wants “time to play, to relax. It’s precious to be with family and to laugh,” she said.