Community Center group to look for ways to cut costs, reach public

What's next after vote on Goshen Community Center delayed to Nov. 5?

Posted on Jan. 29, 2013 at 12:00 a.m. | Updated on Jan. 29, 2013 at 6:51 p.m.

GOSHEN — After Goshen Community Center Inc. announced it will move a special election vote to Nov. 5, the group will now look for ways to cut costs and further inform the public about the project.

The move to delay the vote from May 7 to November was announced at Monday night’s meeting of the Goshen School Board.

Goshen Community Center Inc. cited concerns that patrons did not have enough time to fully grasp the project and its impact and that the project’s cost might be too high.

The Community Center’s executive committee first discussed the option to delay the vote at a meeting last Thursday, Jan. 24. They had planned to make the decision public this coming Thursday, Jan. 31, but project director Bruce Stahly said the school board needed an answer in time for their meeting Monday.

The Community Center group will now form committees comprised of community members in order to help address some of the issues raised, according to Stahly. The major areas the committees will investigate will be other sites for the building besides the proposed location across the Millrace Canal at the old Street Department site as well as areas where the facility itself could be trimmed.

Stahly said trimming the proposed facility could be difficult without altering it so much that the building would not be self-sustainable.

“When we take things out, are we then making a business plan that won’t work?” he explained.

He noted that the Center, as it is now proposed, is already about 20 percent smaller than the original design.

Most of the reduction came through smaller community room sizes and offering one full-size basketball court and three smaller ones instead of three full courts. The reductions mean the proposed center has 18,000 fewer square feet of space than the first design.

Stahly added that the delay of the vote also provides Goshen Community Center Inc. some time to search for additional grants and donations to help reduce the cost to residents.

For complete information on the project, including cost, tax impact and business plan, visit goshencommunitycenter.com.

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