GOSHEN Tax deduction deadline approaches

The cut-off date to file a new real estate property tax deduction is coming up.
Posted on Dec. 19, 2012 at 12:00 a.m.

The filing deadline is coming up for new real estate tax deductions.

New applications must be completed and dated by Dec. 31 and filed with the Elkhart County Auditor’s Office on or before Jan. 5. Only new deduction or refinanced mortgage applications need to be filed. Taxpayers who have not made changes to their status do not need to refile.

Deduction categories include homestead, mortgage, over 65, over 65 circuit breaker, disability, blind and disabled veterans. Taxpayers filing for deductions on annually assessed mobile homes have until March 31 to file.

For details on eligibility requirements or to download an application form visit www.elkhartcountyindiana.com or www.in.gov/dlgf. Call the auditor’s office at 535-6710 or 535-6720 for any other questions.

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