Gaska Tape owner makes $10 K donation

Four area organizations received $10,000 each from Jack Smith Jr., president and owner of Gaska Tape

Posted on Dec. 5, 2012 at 12:00 a.m.

ELKHART — For the third consecutive year, four Elkhart-area organizations were the beneficiaries of Gaska Tape president and CEO Jack Smith Jr.’s generosity.

Smith again made $10,000 donations to Faith Mission, Church Community Services, the Elkhart Salvation Army and New Hope United Methodist Church’s food pantry, just ahead of the busiest time of year for the organizations.

“I appreciate everything you guys do in the community,” Smith said at the presentation as his children hand-delivered the checks to representatives of the different organizations.

“It’s probably been tough as usual as it has the last couple years as far as getting food for people. Hopefully this goes a long way to helping out,” he added.

The organizations noted their appreciation of Smith and his wife Laura’s generosity the past several years, especially in the face of some tough times in Elkhart.

“I can’t tell you what this gift means to us in terms of the ability to do the things we’ve been able to do,” said Lee Campbell, lead pastor at New Hope United Methodist Church. Donations over the past several years have allowed their services and programs to expand.

Representatives of each organization noted they’ve seen a bit of an increase in the number of people they’ve served in the last year.

“I’m listening to the hot meal sites growing and increasing; it’s happening with the takeout pantries as well,” said Rod Roberson, executive director of Church Community Services. “I don’t know if that’s bittersweet or not, but it’s real and we’re looking at a real need.”

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