Family to hold benefit for victims of accident

Families are holding a fundraiser for the two teenager who were killed while riding their bikes this summer.
Posted on Nov. 18, 2012 at 12:00 a.m.

OSCEOLA — The early morning of June 7, a Thursday, Katie Runion woke up to see her son, Daniel Runion, 19, and his friend David Anglemyer, 18, working tirelessly on the new bike Anglemyer had bought himself a few hours prior. They hadn’t meant to wake her up. In fact, she said they were planning on sending her a text message later that morning saying where they were heading.

She watched as they installed lights to the bicycle and gave them words of caution before they ventured from her Osceola home to Anglemyer’s house in Goshen. That was the last time she saw the two boys alive.

“I saw (Daniel Runion) at the hospital a few hours later, but he was already gone when I got there,” she said.

The two teens were riding their bicycles east on C.R. 20 when Daniel Snead, 43, who was driving west, drove off the left of the center of the road, striking both bicyclists. The accident happened below the U.S. 20 Bypass just before 6 a.m.

Snead was arrested in Aug. 30 and later charged on two counts with causing the death of another person when operating a vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance, a Class B felony.

Snead appeared in court Thursday, advising the court his sister hired an attorney for this case. He asked to remain with a public defender for another case, where he is charged with domestic battery, a Class D felony.


It’s been five months since the fatal accident happened, but Katie Runion said she hasn’t had the chance to slow down to let it sink in.

“It’s a struggle, I haven’t gone through the emotional level yet,” she said. “It’s very hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that this is something permanent.”

The funeral expenses have left her scrambling trying to pay off a $10,500 bill. Which is why she decided to hold a fundraiser in memory of her son and Anglemyer.

The event will be held at Hansen’s Holiday Skating Rink, at 28736 C.R. 20, Elkhart. Entrance tickets will be $5, which covers food and skate rentals. Katie Runion said the skating rink was like Daniel Runion’s second home. The owner knew Daniel Runion well because of how often he went there, and offered the rink to hold fundraisers.

All of the proceeds from the fundraiser will go to helping he Runion and Anglemyer family with their funeral expenses.

An account has also been set up at PNC Bank. Anyone interested in donating can make a deposit to the “Daniel and Davids Memorial Fund.”

“Our families were both so close to the boys that we feel more like just one large family that’s lost two kids, so we’re still looking for each other all the time.”


Anglemyer wrote a poem in January this year that described his relationship with Daniel Runion as tight despite the fact that they were “complete opposite.”

“...You think we would argue and not get along. Although that sounds right, it’s totally wrong.”

Read at the funeral, the poem was titled “Friends with a Puddle.” Daniel Runion and Anglemyer had been close friends since they were in eighth grade.

“Daniel could be a pain in the neck, he was a special kid, and it took a special person to deal with him,” said Katie Runion. “David and him always had something that clicked.”

@Breakout heads 08:Runion/Anglemyer Fundraiser

What: The family of Daniel Runion will host a fundraiser for Runion and his friend, David Anglemyer. Entrance tickets cost $5.

When: Today from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Where: Hansen’s Holiday Skating Rink

Who: Anyone is invited to attend


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