School board results

Who was elected to your local school board?

Posted on Nov. 7, 2012 at 12:00 a.m.

Here are winners in local school board elections.

BAUGO District 1: Julie Newcomer Phillps; District 3: Dwaine “Dewey” Crocker CONCORD District 1: Kami Wait; District 2: Tim A. Yoder ELKHART At-large: Douglas Weaver; District A: Susan “Sue” Daiber; District C: Dorisanne Nielsen; District D: Carolyn Morris FAIRFIELD District 1: Trent Hostetler, Gregory Kitson; District 3: Marilee Keim GOSHEN At-large: Robert Duell; District 2: Cathie Cripe: District 4: James A. Ramer MIDDLEBURY District B: Joanna King; District C: Robert Souder WA-NEE

At-large: Christina Eshelman, Shawn C. Johnson; Olive Township: Eric Brown; Scott-Jefferson Township: Don Lehman


Republican Stephen R. Bowers won with 69 percent, compared to 31 percent for Phillip Earl Hesch. Bowers has previous experience being on the Elkhart City Council, the Elkhart Water Board, the 1996 Mayoral Election Recount Commission and the Community Corrections Advisory Board.

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