Get your inner zombie on

Here are some tips on how to create zombie makeup for Wednesday's Zombie Walk.

Posted on Oct. 30, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

ELKHART — Interested in participating in The Elkhart Truth’s Zombie costume contest on Wednesday? Bethza Seminario, co-owner of Bethza Professional Makeup Artist Studio, offered tips on how to create a zombie look at home. Here is how you can create your own winning zombie makeup for Wednesday’s Zombie Walk.

What you need:

Ÿ Gray eye shadow

Ÿ Olive green eye shadow

Ÿ Black eye shadow

Ÿ Black pencil or gel eyeliner

Ÿ Red lipstick

Ÿ Waterproof eyelash glue

Ÿ Eye primer

Ÿ Face primer

Ÿ Fake blood (or can combine corn syrup with red food coloring)

Ÿ Setting spray

Ÿ Make up brushes

Ÿ Make up sponges


Ÿ Spirit gum

Ÿ Nose and scar wax

Ÿ Burn and injury color wheel


1. Wash and dry your face.

2. Put primer all over face and use eye primer on the eye lids and under eye area.

3. Start with gray eye shadow or grayish green face cream as the base.

4. Brush black shadow on the cheekbones, sides of the nose, neck and the under eye area to create shadows.

5. Add black eyeliner on the entire eyelid and line the eyes.

6. Add black eye shadow on top of the eyeliner.

7. Line the bottom lashes with red lipstick.

8. Add green shadow on the brow and corners of the mouth.

9. Add light gray eye shadow in between cheekbones to add highlights.

10. Draw a circle on the cheek with the eyelash glue. That will be the base for the wound. You can also use spirit gum instead and then apply the wax on top of it with a butter knife.

11. Create a small hole or slit in the middle of the eyelash glue or wax. This will be your wound.

12. Sponge gray shadow or cream on top of the wax.

13. Add red lipstick on top of the wax where the wound would be.

14. Add grey-green eye shadow or cream on the wound.

15. Fill in the wound with various shades of red lipstick or color from the wheel.

16. Add dark green shadow around the edges of the wound.

17. If using eyelash glue instead of the spirit gum and wax, pinch the eyelash glue with your fingers to create texture.

18. Add fake blood to wound, corners of the mouth and corners of eyes. Use a dark maroon color for the blood.

19. You can add blood to clothes and grey shadows to any other exposed areas such as wrists and neck. Make sure to wash any brushes used. Set make-up with setting spray.

Special effects makeup can be bought at Fun Fx, 5610 Grape Rd., Mishawaka. For everything else, you can go to a drug store.

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