GOP U.S. House hopeful Walorski on the issues

Republican Jackie Walorski, running for the 2nd District U.S. House seat, offers her view on some of the issues.
Posted on Oct. 19, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

Here's what Republican U.S. House hopeful Jackie Walorski has to say on a few issues:

• Economy/jobs: Small business operators are worried, sense uncertainty.

They have money to spend, to expand their operations, to hire. But they're sitting on it, waiting to see what happens with the economy and the Affordable Care Act, which can make it more expensive for businesses to provide health care.

If lawmakers could balance the federal budget, reduce national debt, ratchet back government regulation, repeal Obamacare — things she favors — companies would feel more certain, more comfortable about the nation's economic prospects. They'd be more willing to expand and hire, enlarging the tax base. “And that's where growth comes from,” she says.

One of the first steps would be a balanced budget amendment to get a handle on federal spending and the national debt.

• Health care reform: She'd repeal the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. It's too expensive for the country and she worries it'll sap Medicare.

More generally, it's just a huge piece of legislation and even if it were scaled back, it would grow into something that is “virtually uncontrollable,” which she calls the nature of government and bureaucracy.

“I am not opposed to bringing pieces back,” she says, without singling any out. “But I believe if you don't wipe the slate clean you'll never control what you left on the table.”

She's particularly critical of a medical device tax in the Affordable Care Act, saying if left intact it would destroy the vibrant orthopedic industry in Kosciusko County.

She didn't offer many specifics on what shape any federal health care overhaul should take, saying that's up to the people. Federal officials, though, could look to Indiana's medical malpractice laws in crafting something at the federal level.

• Social Security, Medicare: “I've been clear and I'll be clear,” she said. She will not vote to decrease any funding going into either program.

• Afghanistan: President Obama “definitely showed his hand” in pursuing a planned military departure from Afghanistan in 2014.

“I think our foreign policy, in general, has been lax under this administration. They have not shown much consistency, there really hasn't been a foreign policy vision cast to the American people or really to anybody abroad,” Walorski said.

• Term limits: She'd pursue a term-limits bill at the federal level, perhaps restricting U.S. House service to three two-year terms and U.S. Senate service to one six-year term.

“I just believe you should have X amount of time to either make an impact, and if you've made an impact, fine, thank you for your contribution and you go out,” she said. “And if you haven't, then there's the door.”

She wouldn't personally commit to a limited stint in the U.S. House, absent term-limits legislation, but noted that as an Indiana lawmaker when she “felt it was time to go, it was time to go.”

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