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Neighbors petition to lower speed limit

Neighbors on C.R. 19 in Goshen want the speed limit lowered after a car almost hit a child getting on a school bus.
Posted on Oct. 17, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

GOSHEN — After hearing that a child had a close call with a car while crossing the street, Linda Rothrock-Jurus rallied her neighbors to sign a petition to lower the speed limit in their area.

Rothrock-Jurus has lived at 58822 C.R. 19 in Goshen for the past seven years and said drivers speeding along the road have steadily gotten worse. She handed over a petition with signatures from 15 homes in her neighborhood to the Elkhart County Board of Commissioners on Monday morning.

The neighbors want to reduce the speed limit to 40 mph on C.R. 19 in Goshen, specifically between the 58500 and 58900 blocks. There are no speed limit signs posted on that stretch of road, which on county roads indicates a speed limit of 55 mph. The neighbors also want the county to consider placing stop signs at the intersection near C.R. 26 to slow traffic.

Rothrock-Jurus said there are about four homes in the area with young children, and, in September, one of the kids almost got hit by a car while trying to board a school bus.

“Had the student not been watching as he crossed the road, he would have been seriously injured or worse,” Rothrock-Jurus told the commissioners. “This is not the first time this has occurred in our area.”

Becky Cutter, who lives next door to Rothrock-Jurus, signed the petition and said she sees cars flying down C.R. 19 in the early morning hours and the late afternoons.

“I have my horses out here, and I’ll ride them in the yard sometimes, and people don’t slow down in the least little bit,” Cutter said. “It startles the horses. There are even drivers who rev their engines to see if they can startle them on purpose.”

Terry Rodino, commissioners president, said he would give copies of the petition to the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department and the Elkhart County Highway Department, which may conduct speed tests on the road. Results could come back as early as two weeks.

“I just hope something will come of the petition,” Rothrock-Jurus said. “If they do post the speed limit, I hope they will enforce it and patrol.”

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