Budget includes $2 million in reductions

Elkhart County's 2013 budget includes roughly $2 million in cuts.

Posted on Sept. 29, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

GOSHEN — Elkhart County has finalized its spending plan for 2013, including slightly more than $2 million in reductions to the budget.

After three weeks of meetings, the Elkhart County Council voted Friday to approve a $79.6 million budget that covers expenses for the county’s departments and services. The budget was balanced using $800,000 in rainy day funds and $1 million in money from the Economic Development Income Tax, which is primarily set aside for road maintenance.

The council was able to get by without laying off county employees, but seven positions that are vacant will remain unfilled in 2013. This will save the county $275,686 next year.

The council had two additions to the budget adding up to roughly $22,000. The board added a new meeting in March to its calendar and will receive about $9,000 for the seven council members. Another $13,000 was added into the budget for a code enforcement position that will be contracted out.

Here is a full list of additions and reductions approved by the county council:

Ÿ $1,592,000: Shifted from the county sheriff’s budget for medical care of inmates to another fund. The sheriff will return to the county council in 2013 for an extra appropriation,

Ÿ $275,686: Savings generated from leaving seven full-time county employee positions vacant next year,

Ÿ $84,172: Reduced from the information technology budget for phone service,

Ÿ $75,000: Trimmed from the work release budget for the department’s utility bill. This was already covered in another department’s spending plan,

Ÿ $35,000: Subtracted from the commissioners’ and Title IV-D grant’s budgets after rent was reduced for the county prosecutor’s office,

Ÿ $23,000: Taken from the sheriff’s proposed $123,000 increase for gas,

Ÿ $20,400: Removed from two funds for benefits in the commissioners’ budget,

Ÿ $13,000: Put in to the code enforcement budget for a position,

Ÿ $9,017: Added to pay the seven council members for an extra meeting in March,

Ÿ $6,200: Trimmed from the plan commission’s budget for a part-time position,

Ÿ $5,000: Cut from superior court’s request for overtime pay for employees, and

Ÿ $3,630: Taken out of the commissioners’ budget for organization dues.


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