Walorski’s Social Security comments scrutinized

GOP U.S. House hopeful Jackie Walorski released a new TV ad expressing support for the Social Security system and Democratic foe Brendan Mullen responded, bringing up a 2010 comment she made expressing support for privatizing the system.
Posted on Sept. 19, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

GOP U.S. House hopeful Jackie Walorski released a new ad Tuesday expressing commitment to protecting the Social Security system.

That prompted Democratic opponent Brendan Mullen to dig up 2010 remarks in which the Republican expresses support for privatizing the system.

In her ad, on YouTube at bit.ly/PEMnyK, Walorski, sitting with her mother, Martha, a Social Security recipient, calls the system a “sacred commitment” to seniors. “In Congress, I’ll oppose any cuts in Social Security or Medicare,” Walorski says.

The Mullen campaign press release in response brought up comments she made in 2010.

Social Security is “obviously going bankrupt just like Medicare is and Medicaid,” Walorski said in the March 18, 2010, comments, made to Tea Party Talk Indiana, an online radio show, and available at bit.ly/b4f8o5. “And I think the one thing we have to do is the thing that (President George W.) Bush actually tried to do a couple years ago, which is privatize Social Security, allow people to invest in their own retirement and get off of what’s happening at the federal level with Social Security.”

The two sets of Walorski statements had Mullen Campaign Manager Andy Reynolds crying foul.

Walorski “continues to try to whitewash her record,” Reynolds said in a press release. “Hoosiers know we need to stand up for our seniors, who earned their Social Security with a lifetime of hard work.”

In a counter-response, Walorski didn’t allude directly to the 2010 statements, attributed by the Mullen campaign to the South Bend Tribune, which seemingly picked them up from Tea Party Talk Indiana. But she reiterated her support for Social Security and Medicare and said she will fight to protect the systems.

“Congress needs to formulate long-term, bipartisan solutions to ensure these benefits are available for future generations,” said Walorski. “This stands in stark contrast to my opponent who says he supports Obamacare, which cuts over $700 billion from Medicare.”

Walorski has expressed support for repeal of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s health care system overhaul. Mullen has expressed support for some elements of the measure, but said it needs to be tweaked.

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