Labor of Love food drive during holiday weekend

This weekend brings a "Labor of Love" food drive for Church Community Services.
Posted on Aug. 31, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

Dozens of businesses in Elkhart and St. Joseph counties will be collecting food and supplies this weekend for Church Community Services in a Labor of Love food drive.

Susan Chilberg of Elkhart is organizing the food drive, inspired to action by what she called a “massive food problem.”

She’s been reading about the drought and how gas prices will cause food prices to continue to rise, she said, and knew she had to do something to help others get food.

She was familiar with Church Community Services through her church.

“I knew they were an organization who could properly care for people with food and other supplies, yet not let people abuse the system,” she said.

Chilberg and a few others have connected with between 80 and 100 businesses in the two counties, each of which has a Labor of Love food bin.

“We hope they get filled,” she said.

The bins will be picked up as soon after Labor Day as possible, Chilberg said.

For more information, or to host a Labor of Love food bin at a business, contact Chilberg at 294-3455 or 361-1030.


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