Township trustees, agencies offer emergency help with utility bills

Township trustees work closely with local agencies to provide emergency help with paying utility bills.
Posted on July 10, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

For some people, climbing utility bills in the summer may mean falling behind when the heat is at its worst.

Township trustees in Elkhart County offer emergency assistance for people who have received a disconnect notice. The extent of services is based on income, number of people in the family and other factors.

Here’s how to get in touch with the township trustees:

Ÿ Baugo: 293-5873

Ÿ Benton: 642-3659

Ÿ Cleveland: 264-2453

Ÿ Clinton: 642-3202

Ÿ Concord: 293-6889

Ÿ Elkhart: 533-2066

Ÿ Harrison: 875-6408

Ÿ Jackson: 831-3322

Ÿ Jefferson: 535-9015

Ÿ Locke: 773-3320

Ÿ Middlebury: 825-3446

Ÿ Olive: 862-1480

Ÿ Osolo: 262-2175

Ÿ Union: 784-3110

Ÿ Washington: 848-7024

Ÿ York: 848-9387

The trustees work closely with Church Community Services and the Salvation Armies in Elkhart and Goshen for emergency help. Real Services also helps families in north-central Indiana.

For more information, call:

Ÿ Church Community Services: 295-3673

Ÿ Elkhart Salvation Army: 970-0088 (northern half of Elkhart County)

Ÿ Goshen Salvation Army: 533-9584 (southern half of Elkhart County)

Ÿ Real Services: 875-0606

For other types of emergency assistance, contact the United Way’s call center at 211.

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