Goshen Community Center still in the works

Organizers of the Goshen Community Center are still working in the background to develop ideas for the community to consider as official proposals, proposals that should be on the table by the end of this year.

Posted on June 5, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

GOSHEN — The Goshen Community Center concept has been years in the making, and organizers aren’t yet ready to put all the cards on the table — but they will be later this year.

“The decisions to continue with this will be made in November or December, and it’s going to be much more public at that point,” said Dr. Don Minter, one of the people who’s been developing the idea for a gym/conference/aquatic center over the last several years.

“We’ve done a lot of planning. The business plan’s done. The feasibility study’s done,” Minter said. But there are still details to work on before coming to the community, Minter said.

In mid-2008, organizers hoped to have the center built by 2010. “Obviously the economy’s been part of why we’ve been quiet,” Minter said. They’ve still been working, though.

The site organizers hope to get is no secret. It’s the recently cleaned parcel west of the Millrace Canal that used to house the Goshen Street Department.

The Goshen Redevelopment Commission earlier this year commissioned posters showing possible uses for various redevelopment parcels, and the community center was one of the options for the former Street Department site. The commission, though, still owns the land and has made no agreements to transfer it for the community center use.

The other big hurdle is money. For years city and school officials have said they would like to fund the community center instead of their own pools, and the health system and Greencroft have supported the idea because it would allow them to use the center, as well.

Any taxpayer funds, though, would have to come after the result of popular referenda, since the money would come from outside the property tax levy.

The time line for all those steps should become clear by the end of this year.

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