Where are the elk?

    The CAPS elk art project is over, but the elk are still out in the open.
    Posted on May 26, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

    zina kumok


    ELKHART — For five months, the elk were displayed around the city. Children could climb on them, people could take photos and visitors could drive by and wonder what the colorful elk represented.

    The elk art project was started by Child and Parent Services in an effort to raise money for the nonprofit, which serves to prevent child abuse. The elk were auctioned off in November.

    Most of the elk are still displayed out in the open, including Wellfield Gardens, the Lerner Theatre and City Hall.

    Neal and Dianne Myers bought an elk along with Joel and Linda Pladson, Bill and Kristin Fenech, Ron and Lisa Fenech and John and Dawn Regan. They plan to rotate the elk among their five businesses so everyone has a chance to display it.

    “They do great work, and we just thought it’d be a good way to support the community because the community supports all of us, and it’s a nice way to give back,” Neal Myers said.

    They specifically purchased the “Made in the USA – RV Capital of the World” elk because they wanted to represent the RV industry and its roots to Elkhart. Their elk resembles an RV vehicle with the American flag painted over it. All five businesses are connected to the RV industry.

    Myers said they have people come in asking about the elk and what it is. He said that it gives them an opportunity to educate people on what CAPS does.

    “They say what’re you doing with the big moose?” he said.

    Goshen Buick GMC Hyundai owner Dzung Nguyen said his company tries to support local charities as much as possible, so much so that one of his company’s mandates is to be a part of the community.

    Having seen similar animal statues displayed around cities like Chicago, Nguyen thought it was an interesting idea. His company bought its elk before the auction and had it designed with its logo. Its name “Equus the Elk” comes from the line of sedans from Hyundai, one of the makes that the dealership carries.

    “We had no idea what this thing would be like,” he said.

    Since the artists were donating their time, Nguyen said he realized that most of the money would be directly going to CAPS. The November auction raised more than $300,000 for CAPS.

    “We want to give back to the community, and this is one of the vehicles to do that,” he said.

    For information on where to find the elk now, go to elkartonparade.com/the-elk/elk-locations. For more information on CAPS, go to www.capselkhart.org.

    Here is a listing of where the elk’s new homes:

    Name: Strength, Stamina, Agility

    Artist: Intro to Art Honors – Memorial High School

    Location: Cleer Vision, 25120 Leer Drive, Elkhart

    Name: Congratulations Elk Art

    Artist: Kathy Zienty

    Location: 523 Pub and Grill, 523 S. Main St., Elkhart

    Name: Botanical Garden

    Artist: Anne Willis

    Location: Wellfield Gardens, 1000 N. Main St., Elkhart

    Name: Simply Spring

    Artist: Nikki Long

    Location: Wellfield Gardens, 1000 N. Main St., Elkhart

    Name: And the Beat Goes On

    Artist: Sharon Forrest and Carl E. Forrest

    Location: Suzuki of Elkhart, 1226 Bristol St., Elkhart

    Name: Just RV It

    Artist: Apex Graphics, LLC and Carrera Designs

    Location: Robert Weed Plywood, 705 Maple St., Bristol

    Name: Grow Up Great

    Artist: Jeff Stillson

    Location: PNC Bank, 101 N. Main St., Elkhart

    Name: Matty and the Bird

    Artist: Shar Sosh

    Location: Alpha Systems, 5120 Beck Drive, Elkhart

    Name: Mr. Elk Goes to the Lerner

    Artist: Van, Monte and “Farmer” Bob Hershberger

    Location: Lerner Theatre (inside), 410 S. Main St., Elkhart

    Name: Hart of Harmony

    Artist: Donielle Boal

    Location: Gemeinhardt, 57882 S.R. 19, Elkhart

    Name: North, South, East, West – Home is Best

    Artist: Lauren S. Hodges

    Location: Lerner Theatre (inside), 410 S. Main St., Elkhart

    Name: Pop Art

    Artist: Elkhart Central High School Art Department

    Location: Elkhart Central High School (inside), One Blazer Blvd, Elkhart

    Name: Helping Hands

    Artist: Hilary Hendrie Ross and Scott L. Hendrie

    Location: CAPS, 1000 W. Hively Ave., Elkhart

    Name: Block Party

    Artist: Jeff Stillson

    Location: Café Navarre (South Bend), Intersection of Michigan and Washington, South Bend

    Name: Equus the Elk – Sammy the Fish

    Artist: Shar Sosh

    Location: Goshen Buick GMC Hyundai, 3220 Elkhart Road, Goshen

    Name: Peace Through Pieces

    Artist: Goshen High School I.B./A.P. Art

    Location: Goshen High School, 1 Redskin Road, Goshen

    Name: Heart of the Midwest

    Artist: Linsey Dumm

    Location: Gurley Leep Honda, 2200 Bypass Road, Elkhart

    Name: Rooted From the Heart

    Artist: Heart4theArts

    Location: Boling Vision Center, 1615 Winsted Drive, Goshen

    Name: Elkabet

    Artist: Kay Rhodes

    Location: Middlebury Public Library, 101 E. Winslow St., Middlebury

    Name: Elk-Royal

    Artist: Jacquelyn Smith-Windbigler

    Location: Lerner Theatre (inside), 410 S. Main St., Elkhart

    Name: Sweet Corn, Indiana

    Artist: Cathy Zurek

    Location: Panel Solutions, 5015 Verdant St., Elkhart

    Name: Made in the USA – RV Capital of the World

    Artist: Sarah L. Cook

    Location: Max Myers Motors, 209 N. Main St., Middlebury (this elk will travel to different locations)

    Name: Garden Elk

    Artist: Laurie Balla

    Location: Lerner Theatre (inside), 410 S. Main St., Elkhart

    Name: We’re Going Places

    Artist:Floyd Lehman and Kara Yoder

    Location: Parkway Plaza, 56199 Parkway Ave, Elkhart

    Name: Jack and the Beanstalk

    Artist: Shar Sosh

    Location: Lochmandy Buick GMC, 920 N. Nappanee St., Elkhart

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