State releases IREAD-3 results

84 percent of third-graders passed standardized reading test

Posted on May 16, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

The Indiana Department of Education on Tuesday released results from the first administration of the Indiana Reading Evaluations and Determination (IREAD-3) test.

The state’s official results are just slightly different than the original data local school districts shared in April.

According to a release from the state, 84 percent of Indiana third-graders passed the standardized reading test. The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) requires that students who do not pass the IREAD-3 “will continue to receive instruction in Grade 3 Reading, will be officially reported as a third-grader, and will fully participate in the Grade 3 ISTEP+ assessment.”

In Indiana, 103 school corporations (36 percent of school corporations in Indiana) had 90 percent or more students passing the IREAD-3, while 347 individual schools (33 percent of state’s schools) met or exceeded 90 percent passing, according to the IDOE. Twenty-one individual schools achieved a 100 percent passing rate.

In Elkhart County, according to the state’s most recent numbers, Baugo had 86.2 percent pass the test. Concord had 78.4 percent pass. Elkhart had 71.5 percent pass. Fairfield had 89 percent pass. Goshen had 80 percent pass. Middlebury had 90.8 percent pass. Wa-Nee had 90.1 percent pass.

Many of the students who did not pass the first administration of the IREAD-3 may receive an exemption, but all will be invited to participate in intervention efforts before taking the test a second time this summer. Students eligible for exemptions are those who have been retained twice prior to fourth grade already, some English language learners and some students with disabilities, as determined by the school, according to the IDOE.

The IREAD-3 measures if students are reading at the third-grade reading level before moving on to fourth-grade reading. IREAD-K, IREAD-1 and IREAD-2 tests have also been developed to help measure if students are at the kindergarten, first-grade and second-grade reading levels, but do not carry the consequences of the IREAD-3.

To learn more about the IREAD-3 visit www.doe.in.gov.

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