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Elkhart honored for bringing back the Lerner

The city of Elkhart recieved an award Saturday for its restoration of the Lerner Theatre.
Posted on April 29, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

ELKHART — The city of Elkhart has received the Cook Cup for Outstanding Restoration in honor of its renovation of the Lerner Theatre.

Indiana Landmarks, a nonprofit organization involved with restoring important buildings in Indiana, gave the award to Mayor Dick Moore on Saturday.

The theater was built in 1924 for vaudeville shows and silent movies. It had fallen into disrepair by the time the city purchased it in 1990, when it was known as the Elco. Restoring the theater cost $18 million.

The renovated Lerner opened in May 2011 and has since hosted entertainers such as country legend George Jones and singer Willie Nelson, who performed his first show in Elkhart on April 13.

The theater is at 410 S. Main St. For more information call 293-4469 or go to www.thelerner.com.

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