ELKHART Art teacher speaks about firing

The art teacher fired by the Elkhart School Board this week spoke to WNDU about the incident.
Posted on April 28, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

Stephen Hentsch, the art teacher fired by the Elkhart School Board earlier this week, spoke to local TV station WNDU about the incident leading to the canceling of his teacher’s contract.

According to WNDU, Hentsch explained the artistic concept of space to a class “by verbally and visually showing a finger going into a hole.” He also told WNDU that on Valentine’s Day he encouraged his fifth-grade art class at Mary Feeser Elementary to look beyond the Hollywood version of love, which “is often two people in bed.”

According to Elkhart Community Schools, however, Hentsch was put on administrative paid leave Feb. 3, more than a week before Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14. He began as an art teacher at Feeser and Woodland elementaries this past fall, after teaching art since 1997 at Central High School.

Hentsch told The Elkhart Truth that he is no longer talking to media and would not speak on why there is a discrepancy between his statement to WNDU and the school corporation’s records.

The Elkhart School Board canceled Hentsch’s contract at its meeting Tuesday evening for his repeated comments in class on controversial issues.

Truth Staff

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