15 weeks later, 68 pounds lighter, Christine Pickler voted off ‘Loser’

Chris Pickler was voted off The Biggest Loser Tuesday night.

Posted on April 11, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

The remaining Middlebury contestant on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” was voted off the reality TV show in Tuesday’s episode.

Christine Pickler made it to week 15 on the show, losing 68 pounds during that time.

Roy and Christine Pickler, a married couple from Middlebury, began on the show’s 13th season last fall. In the show, overweight individuals compete at losing weight to win a cash prize. Roy Pickler was voted off in mid-February.

In last week’s episode, Christine Pickler not only lost weight, but got new clothes fitting her trimmer shape and a new hair color and style as a part of the show’s “Makeover Week.” That week also brought a surprise visit and workout with First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House and visits from Pickler’s children.

Christine Pickler’s weight loss took a turn, though, in Tuesday night’s episode.

During a phone call, Roy Pickler told Christine Pickler that he missed her and needed her to come home. Thinking about her responsibilities at home, Christine Pickler binged on comfort foods. Her trainer on the show helped her focus on achieving her own goals and doing what she needed to do, but at the episode’s weigh-in, she had still gained 2 pounds and the other contestants voted her off.

After hearing the votes, Christine Pickler said she had been blessed on the show.

“I’m leaving here with a tremendous sense of accomplishment,” she said.

Pickler began the season weighing 240 punds. At her last weigh-in on the show, Pickler weighed 172 pounds and in the segment catching up with Pickler at home in Middlebury, Pickler was at 156 pounds.

She said in that clip that since returning home she has been working to make being active a part of everyday life and to encourage her whole family to also be more active.

People can see entire episodes by visiting NBC.com.

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