It’s 11/11/11 today: What does it mean?

Friday Nov. 11, 2011 - today - is 11/11/11 in short hand. That's a lot of ones. It's also Wakarusa Elementary School student Madeleine Wampler's 11th birthday. Beyond that, what does it mean?
Posted on Nov. 11, 2011 at 12:00 a.m.

You might experience higher highs or lower lows today.

If you’re hungry and like fast food, you can get some extra cheap eats.

It’s Nov. 11, 2011, today, or 11/11/11. That’s a lot of ones (or a few elevens), and if you’re into numerology — the study of the metaphysical links between numbers and life — the day is wrought with significance, even aside from it being Veteran’s Day.

“The 11 energy is a master level energy and it’s a higher vibration,” explained Daniel Hardt, president of the Life Path Numerology Center in Indianapolis. “All the energy is going to make people very sensitive that day. Emotions will be heightened.”

If you’re Wakarusa Elementary School fifth-grader Maddie Wampler, it’s your 11th birthday (even more ones). You’re excited, but you’re not going overboard, at least not outwardly.

“It’s probably going to be the same,” Maddie said, mulling the likely difference between her birthday this go-round and previous incarnations.

If you’re Maddie’s 13-year-old sister Anjelica Wampler, who won’t be celebrating a birthday today, you’re kind of amazed at your sibling’s seeming ho-hum attitude. After all, it’s not every day you turn 11 on 11/11/11.

“If I were in your place, I’d be jumping up and down,” Anjelica said.

‘An epiphany’

Draw your own conclusions, but the day, or at least the date, sticks out.

Eleven being a master level number, those who tend to be happy will potentially feel happier today, explained Hardt. Those who are sad, by contrast, might feel sadder. “A lot of people will feel the intense energy, but they won’t know why or they won’t give it any significance,” he said.

Keliyah, an intuit at the Michiana Healing Arts Center in Niles, Mich., linked 11/11/11 to what he says is an ongoing “paradigm shift” around the world, characterized by increased awareness and empowerment of people globally. Like Hardt, he noted the powerful status of 11 in numerology.

“11/11 represents for us, metaphysically as human beings, an epiphany, that we’re becoming awake,” said Keliyah, who goes by just the one name.

More significantly, for some perhaps, at least one Elkhart McDonald’s is offering $1.11 Quarter Pounders. That’s down from the normal price of $3.79.

Egg McMuffins are $1.11, too.

Back in Wakarusa, meanwhile, Joseph Slabaugh, another Wakarusa Elementary School fifth-grader turning 11 today, is thinking about more than just ones or 11s.

“I’m actually excited because I’m almost turning into a teenager,” he said.

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