National Day of Prayer: What are you praying for today?

On National Day of Prayer, held Thursday, May 1, locals gathered around the Elkhart County Courthouse to celebrate and worship. We asked them what they were praying for; here's what they had to say.

Posted on May 1, 2014 at 1:41 p.m. | Updated on May 1, 2014 at 4:59 p.m.

Despite the rainy weather, a group of about 30 people gathered on the lawn in front of the Elkhart County Courthouse to worship together for National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 1. 

We asked a few of the attendees this question: What are you praying for today?

Here's what they had to say.

If you'd like to tell us what you're praying for today, let us know in the comments below the story.

Joann Weaver

"I'm praying that thousands upon thousands will take advantage of this day of prayer. Can you imagine the impact that will make on our world? – Joann Weaver

Brent Hochstetlar

"I'm praying for the leaders of our country. I'm praying they take us in the right directions and make the right choices." – Brent Hochstetlar

Elnora Miller

"I'm praying that our nation's leaders will bless Israel. We are blessed as we bless Israel. I pray for the churches to unite together to bring God's kingdom to Earth." – Elnora Miller

Brad Rogers

"I'm praying about the government and that the Lord would protect us whether we're police officers, firefighters, state or local employees. We pray for wisdom and guidance in the decisions we make as we serve we the people." – Sheriff Brad Rogers

Lisa Welling

"I suppose I'm praying for my family and community and nation. Just to realize the love of God and hope we have in our lives because of Jesus' love for us." – Lisa Welling (her children, Renee and Daniel Welling, are also pictured)

Renee Hochstetlar

"[I'm praying] that more people come to Jesus. I'm praying that God protects all of our families and watches over us." – Renee Hochstetlar

Matt Dutton

"Just praying and hoping everybody who isn't saved will have that choice and that someone will come to them and help them get saved." – Matt Dutton

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