MIchigan road marker rochester local remnants

Community blogger Tim Ashley shares the history of the historic Michigan Road, a route that was completed in the late 1830s.

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Old Chicago Road Stone Marker Local Remnants

The stone marker, which was used to identify the route of the old Chicago Road, appears to say, “Chicago Road 1828,” community blogger Tim Ashley says.

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Local Remnants industrial area overpass s.r. 15

Though there’s little left of them now, an area on Goshen’s north side near the S.R. 15 railroad overpass was once home to a number of industrial and manufacturing businesses, community blogger Tim Ashley says.

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Before S.R. 15 was built in the 1930s, North Street in Milford Junction served as a through-road for drivers in Kosciusko County.

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The road was once called Michigan Road, but was renamed when the federal road system began in the 1920s, community blogger Tim Ashley says.

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Before many of them were shut down for safety reasons, railroad crossings on private land were quite common, community blogger Tim Ashley says. However, one still remains on a stretch of farmland near New Paris.

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Along the Little Elkhart River near Bristol, a pile of stones forms a scattered structure on the bank. At one point, this marked the spot where a bridge crossed the water.

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The cemetery was founded on land owned by the son of Elkhart County’s first assessor, who settled on the prairie in 1830, community blogger Tim Ashley says.

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The bridge, which is just across the Indiana-Michigan border in Mottville, was built in 1922 and now serves as a footbridge, community blogger Tim Ashley says.

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It’s pretty common for railroad bridges to cross roads or bodies of water — but in Wabash County, one passes over another railroad line, community blogger Tim Ashley says.

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The Syracuse-Webster Road, which was commissioned to connect Goshen and Huntington in the 1830s, appears on some of the county’s oldest maps, community blogger Tim Ashley says.

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On a trip to east-central Indiana, community blogger Tim Ashley went on a drive to Preble County, Ohio, to take a look at one of its many covered bridges. He says it’s remarkable the bridge is still in use today, although it’s on a lightly traveled road.

Posted on May 5, 2015 at 11:17 a.m.

Today a small service road north of Warsaw connects drivers to businesses, but it once served as an alignment for S.R. 15. Remnants of roads like this one can give us insight into our community’s past, community blogger Tim Ashley says.

Tim Ashley
Tim Ashley
Hello, my name is Tim Ashley, and I have lived in Goshen for more than 11 years now. I enjoy reading, researching and writing about local history very much. I particularly enjoy railroad and transportation history, but also other areas, too.

I've written articles for the online exhibit of the Elkhart County Historical Museum, I have published a small book about the history of west Goshen and I am a writer, editor and photographer for a local newspaper.
In my blog I want to share my enjoyment of local history with others by showing glimpses of the past in photos and short articles.

Many of my blog posts are in Elkhart County, but also Kosciusko, Whitley, Huntington, Fulton, Wabash and possibly other counties.

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