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Here, I'm interviewing Jim Buller about the giant earth and moon paintings he created. The artwork hangs at The Electric Brew in Goshen. (Julia Moss/The Elkhart Truth, File)
Here's what a year can teach you

Posted on April 24, 2014 at 2:19 p.m.

The Elkhart Truth and I won't be going out to a candlelight dinner tonight, but we are celebrating an important anniversary.

A year ago today, I walked into The Elkhart Truth's offices for the first time as an employee. 

I was nervous, mostly because the town I'm from doesn't have one-way streets. My primary concern on my first day was figuring out how to park in the Elkhart Truth parking lot without killing myself or someone else.

Here are a few things I've loved working on over the past year:

But I was also excited to be a part of a newspaper company that I sensed right away was different. The Elkhart Truth and the many talented folks who work here aren't content to simply churn out the news in a daily paper.

We are always thinking about how to do something better, make things easier or more fun for readers. Even in the short time that I've been part of the team, we've tried many new ideas.

It's an exciting time to work in the news. 

The best part of my job, though, is still the people. 

People share their lives, their passion, their stories with me every day. 

Sometimes people cry as they try to explain, in a few words, what a loved one meant to them. 

Sometimes they simmer, barely controlling frustration or anger at a situation.

Most wonderful is when people have genuine fervor for what they are saying.

Interacting with people and getting to know what moves them makes me feel the most alive and the most connected to this career called journalism.

There's no way to know what form the news might take over the next few years and decades. But as long as I'm still able to tell you a story, I'll be here.

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