Vibram issuing refunds after lawsuit over FiveFingers running shoes

The company that started the "barefoot" running trend settled a class-action lawsuit after a woman sued them for deceiving consumers.

Posted on May 9, 2014 at 11:19 a.m.

Vibram FiveFingers, the company that started the "barefoot" running trend less than a decade ago, is giving out refunds after claims in its advertising were challenged for lacking scientific backup.

The company is giving out refunds of as much as $94 to anyone who has bought a pair of its FiveFinger shoes since March 21, 2009, The Washington Post reports

Vibram FiveFingers agreed to set aside $3.75 million after it settled a class-action lawsuit that was brought by a woman who argued that the company had deceived consumers by making claims without any scientific backup. 

Such claims were that the company's shoes could decrease foot injuries and strengthen foot muscles, according to The Washington Post. 

You can find Vibram FiveFingers shoes locally at Outpost Sports in Mishawaka, Tradehome in Mishawaka and Head Over Heels in Shipshewana. 

Have you bought Vibram FiveFingers shoes in the last five years? 

Have they improved your running experience?


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