Center for Hospice Care looking for volunteers for multiple tasks

Center for Hospice Care is in need of volunteers for a wide variety of tasks.

Posted on May 5, 2014 at 6:53 p.m.

ELKHART - Center for Hospice Care is in need of volunteers for the following tasks. For more information, email info@centerforhospice.org or call Amy Tribbett at 574-243-3711.

  • 11th Hour Volunteers to help provide on-call support to families and patients near death and reside in extended care facilities.
  • Bereavement Volunteers to provide emotional support through telephone contact with grieving families during the 13-month period following the death of a loved one.
  • Camp Evergreen Volunteers to accompany a child camper who has lost a loved one.
  • Extended Care Facility Volunteers to provide companionship and socialization for patients in extended care facilities.
  • Hospice House Volunteers to provide care and support to patients and families in two seven-bed facilities.
  • Office Volunteers to provide clerical assistance for a variety of tasks.
  • Patient Care Volunteers to provide companionship on nights and weekends to patients who live in their homes, providing respite for their caregivers.
  • Patient Story Volunteers to interview patients and record their life stories.
  • Specialist/Professional Volunteers to provide assistance based on unique interests or skills, such as licensed barbers or hairstylists, pet visitation, certified massage therapists and those with abilities in maintenance, landscaping and translation or interpretation.
  • Teen Volunteers to assist activity directors at local extended care facilities and help with games, painting fingernails and other scheduled events.
  • Tuck-In Volunteers to call patients and caregivers to make sure they are prepared for the weekend.
  • Veteran Volunteers to provide companionship to fellow veterans or present patients with a certificate pin honoring their service.

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