Are these prescription savings cards in the mail a scam?

Some people in Elkhart County have been receiving letters from a company called American Prescription Savings Alliance. They say they're pre-activated and ready to use, but are they a scam or the real deal?

Posted on April 14, 2014 at 4:02 p.m.

Have you received a letter in the mail recently about joining a free prescription savings card program that you never signed up for? (See the pictures if you're not sure)

You're not alone. Several Michiana residents have also received the cards, which say they're from the American Prescription Savings Alliance.

They come in an unmarked yet official-looking envelope and include a letter and sheet of cards that promise savings of up to 75% on all FDA-approved prescription drugs. And since they're pre-activated, you can use the card immediately at almost any pharmacy, the letter says.

But is it a scam?

The short answer is no - at least, not really.

Here's the long answer: American Prescription Savings Alliance is one of 18 names listed by the Better Business Bureau for Script Relief, LLC, a New York-based company that specializes in prescription savings cards.

The savings are real, though they vary based on the medication. The average savings was only 23 percent for 10 common prescriptions, WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh reported.

And while they aren't insurance cards, you can use the savings cards instead of your health insurance if the savings are better (you can't use the savings card with your insurance, according to the company's website). If you don't have insurance, the card can help you save money - though you should look into other national and pharmacy-specific prescription savings programs to get the best deal.

How does Script Relief make money? It receives small amount of money from pharmaceutical companies every time a card is used, Pacific Standard reported. And since the numbers on the card are generic, there is no personal information attached to them, Pacific Standard added.

Have you gotten one of these cards? Have you used them, or are you skeptical? Share your thoughts and experiences below.


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