Flavor 574 contest: What's the best dessert in Michiana?

Flavor 574 is holding a bracket-style contest to find the best dessert. Vote for your favorite sweet treat 

Posted on March 28, 2014 at 5:54 p.m.

Are you curious to know what the best dessert in Elkhart County is? How would you like to be the judge?

Flavor 574 is having an "Elite Ate" Contest to determine just that. We are asking for your vote on which decadent desserts around the area are the best. 

Flavor 574 aims to be your source for what to eat, drink, and make in the area, and we need your help in picking a great dessert. The competition starts off with 8 competitors (the "elite ate"), then narrows choices down bracket-style. The next group will be the finger licking four, followed by the tasty two, and then the winner will be named "The Most Elite Eat."

Hurry, the elite ate voting ends Monday, April 3! Winners will be announced in the Elkhart Truth on April 4, then the Finger Licking Four voting opens and the winner of that round will be announced on April 8. Finally, the Tasty Two will face off and "The Most Elite Eat" winner will be announced on April 12. 

Click Here To Vote Now!

For questions or comments, contact Shawn Pinnyei at spinnyei@elkharttruth.com.


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