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Rich Hughey is a bowler, league officer, high school coach and U.S. Bowling Congress director. In Striking it Rich, Hughey rolls bowling news from the Heart City and beyond.

New bowling season begins with several big series

A bowling preview for 2013-2014.

Posted on Sept. 22, 2013 at 1:00 a.m.

Welcome back for another exciting season.

Most leagues have started. Youth programs are under way. High school teams are already practicing. Soon tournaments will be in full swing.

After a summer break from the bowling scene, Striking it Rich is back to cover all of the area bowling news.

The new season is off to a fast start for some, while others such as yours truly are still shaking off the rust. The 800 series are coming fast and furious. Seems like it was at least my fourth league session to start the season before an 800 WAS NOT shot.

Bill Juday, Kevin Kelley, Scott Tapley, Ron Everingham, and Rick Jannings all nailed early 800 series. Topping them all so far is Terry Wininger's 279-290-299 effort Tuesday in the Signature Scratch League. The 868 series equals the Signature Lanes house record which Wininger now shares with Tapley.

Wininger and Tapley are teammates this season. Led by Wininger's big set their three-man team series of 2370 will achieve national recognition. Tapley totaled 763 with sub Alex Weaver adding 739 as the trio averaged an incredible 263 for the night.

Lanes one and two at Signature have produced a majority of the 800 series. Besides Wininger's gem, Everingham's 279 triplicate for 837 was also on that pair. Juday topped 800 on back-to-back nights there as well. At Oakland Lanes, Kelley's 800 was also on one and two. So much for the end pairs being the place nobody wants to bowl on!


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