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One of the many gourmet hot dogs offered at the Wiener Shack. (Abby Deaton)

The Wiener Shack offers many types of gourmet hot dogs, including bacon wrapped hot dogs. (Abby Deaton)

The Wiener Shack has been open at the corner of Lincoln and Main in Goshen since 2009. (Abby Deaton)

Along with gourmet hot dogs, the Wiener Shack also provides drinks and chips. (Abby Deaton)

Doug Murray (left) prepares to serve a long line of customers. (Abby Deaton)

The current menu for the Wiener Shack. The menu for the food truck will also include hamburgers. (The Wiener Shack)
VIDEO: The Wiener Shack's twist on an American classic

Posted on July 4, 2014 at 4:46 p.m.

Five years ago, Doug and Jacqueline Murray wheeled their hot dog stand to downtown Goshen for a First Friday and they’ve found themselves there ever since. The Wiener Shack, which specializes in gourmet hot dogs, began when Doug Murray lost his job at Bob Evans Farms. After twelve years of working for the company, he found out he was going to be let go and decided that that was his chance to start up a business. Murray mentions that the biggest obstacle to starting a business is the fear of failure.

Murray said, “You are so used to having a regular paycheck every week ... and then you have to be like, ‘Well, is something like this going to be able to sustain my family?’”

Murray said the inspiration for a hotdog stand came from the book “No More Mondays” by Dan Miller, which listed the top 100 startup businesses. While Murray is best known for running the stand, he says that the business is a joint effort.

“My wife has so much more to do with this than people realize,” Murray said. “She has a lot to do with creating the menu and getting a lot of the prep work done before I even get here.”

Doug and Jacqueline Murray were a team even before their marriage.

“We met working together ... so it’s kind of a natural thing,” Murray said. “I love working with her.”

The Wiener Shack decided to set up shop at the corner of Lincoln and Main at the end of the summer of 2009. The stand is open most days from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., weather permitting. This year, the weather has been less than permitting.

Murray said, “Typically it was about three months [off]. This past year it was five months.”

The couple spend their winters preparing for the upcoming spring by creating new menus, testing recipes and catering for events. They spent most of this winter preparing to open up a food truck.

The Wiener Shack has already opened up a second location on S.R. 33 in front of the Advance Auto, but Murray said adding a food truck will bring even more exciting changes to the business.

“I like the idea of bouncing around and serving people food. I like the excitement that a food truck brings.”

With the food truck, more items will be added to the menu such as hamburgers. The food truck represents a kitchen more than the hot dog stand and will include grills and fryers. Murray says that they are still waiting for the health inspection of the truck, but hope to start serving from the truck within the next month.

Murray looks forward to the future of the business, saying, “We’re still here, we’re expanding, and it’s been good. It’s been a life changing experience.”

The Wiener Shack will be open for First Fridays this evening. They can be found on the corner of Lincoln and Main in Goshen, IN.

To learn more about the Wiener Shack and their catering business, check out their Facebook page or email them at

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