Friday, April 29, 2016

This Osprey has caught a fish, so exciting watching birds of prey hunt (Douglas Decker)

An Osprey waiting for it's mate to return. Such a beautiful sight. (Jessica Decker)

Two Osprey parents tending to their nest. Some nests can be used again year after year. Most tend to mate for life. Ospreys can also be known as sea hawk, fish eagle, river hawk, or fish hawk. Ospreys are considered migratory birds in this area, but we have seen them nest and stay in Elkhart for most of the summer. (Jessica Decker)

A sea gull diving in to join his friends (Jessica Decker)

My grandfather used to hunt turkeys and other animals down at Hunters Point when it was just a field and woods.They were pretty much eliminated from Indiana due to market hunting and loss of habitat. Then they were reintroduced in the fifties and sixties. The only time I had ever seen wild turkeys growing up were in Michigan. Lately I have seen several flocks off of some of the country roads. They almost became our national bird but the Bald Eagle won by one vote! (Jessica Decker)

We usually feed the squirrels in our yard corn every winter. I remember only seeing a few different kinds of squirrels. With cross breeding I see more and more colorful kinds. Being a blonde myself, I couldn't help falling in love with this blonde tailed squirrel. Too bad it wasn't in our yard and I couldn't get it to come home with me! (Jessica Decker)

We had fun watching this Blue Heron and all of the ducks swimming around. (Jessica Decker)

Great Blue Heron searching for fish. Great Blue Herons nest in platform type nests in tree tops near or above open water. They can sometimes nest in colonies of up to one hundred birds. (Jessica Decker)

This is a Double-crested Cormorant. I have never seen one of these birds before and was totally captivated. We were very fortunate as these birds are only migratory in this area. (Jessica Decker)

Another Double-crested Cormorant, To catch their fish they swim with their wings at their side. Then they stand with their wings out stretched towards the sun to dry off. (Jessica Decker)

Double-crested Cormorants usually fly in a large V formation. They like to roost in large groups in trees near the water. The juveniles have lighter color on their chests. This was such a neat bird to see. (Jessica Decker)

A bird nest caught my eye. To me they are a beautiful part of nature. This is somethings little home and to think of the time and effort that they put into making these. Bird nests are just pretty to me. (Jessica Decker)

This Great Egret was such a sight to see! Plus it had a friend or mate with it. What beautiful birds! We are on the border for migration and summer living for these guys. They are protected now because they were once hunted near extinction for their gorgeous white feathers. (Jessica Decker)

A Great Egret in flight, so graceful. (Jessica Decker)

Sometimes I see things in nature that some may not appreciate the way I do. (Jessica Decker)

This is the magnificent view that I saw when I looked up in the sky on Saturday. A view that I didn't want to forget and thought that I would share especially during such a rainy week. (Jessica Decker)

Pretty sure that this little guy is a Yellow Warbler. I could sit and watch these all day. They hop and jump all over the trees and ground searching for food. (Jessica Decker)

Not sure because the sun was setting, but I think that these may be American Coot ducks. Made me very happy because I don't have a picture of these yet. I am trying to get pics of all the native Indiana birds, even water fowl. It has been a lot of fun so far! (Jessica Roberts)

This tree was just so unique and almost appeared as it could move it's branches as arms. (Jessica Decker)

I would always pick these and dandelions for my mom. I know that these are also a pest in the lawn, but I still always love how pretty they are. (Jessica Decker)

Love love love seeing flowers in the spring time! (Jessica Decker)

First dandelion that I have seen this year. Don't care for them in our lawn, but they are a pretty lil yellow flower. (Jessica Decker)
A nature lover's weekend outdoors

Posted on April 29, 2014 at 4:48 p.m.

These are a few pictures of our weekend in nature. All of my pictures will be local. If I find something neat to share and it's not in our area, I will definitely post it and let everyone know where it's taken. Sometimes I will state specific areas and sometimes I won't. I think that both ways might help people to get out and explore the beauty in our area that they aren't used to looking for. Sometimes you see places day after day, and something may not catch one’s attention unless you look at it in a different way. When we were watching the bald eagles in our neighborhood during fall and winter we would see the same people walking or jogging by repeatedly and not even knowing that they were so close to a bald eagle. In our area (Elkhart) you can find and see so many amazing beautiful things that some people just don't have time to notice. You can take a country drive, walk your neighborhood, local parks, or even just sit in your backyard to enjoy nature and wildlife. Sitting in my yard is one of my favorite relaxing things to do, even at night. Stargazing is a part of nature and until a few years ago I didn't realize how many meteor showers that we can actually see. There are also some cute, and some not-so-cute critters that come out at night. They are still enjoyable to watch, preferably at a distance for me. Sometimes it's amazing what's around us if we take the time to stop and notice. I hope that you enjoy my pictures.