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Tim Ashley
Hello, my name is Tim Ashley, and I have lived in Goshen for more than 11 years now. I enjoy reading, researching and writing about local history very much. I particularly enjoy railroad and transportation history, but also other areas, too.

I've written articles for the online exhibit of the Elkhart County Historical Museum, I have published a small book about the history of west Goshen and I am a writer, editor and photographer for a local newspaper.
In my blog I want to share my enjoyment of local history with others by showing glimpses of the past in photos and short articles.

Many of my blog posts are in Elkhart County, but also Kosciusko, Whitley, Huntington, Fulton, Wabash and possibly other counties.

Fairview Grange building on C.R. 45 once served as a school

The building, which is located in Concord Township, served as a school from about 1876 until 1919.

Posted on Aug. 5, 2014 at 12:47 p.m.

According to the sign out in front of the Dunlap Lions Club, this building on C.R. 45 in Concord Township, which is now used by the Fairview Grange, used to be a schoolhouse.

Once again I refer to the excellent book about Elkhart County one-room schools written by the late Dean Garber. This school was known as either the Fairview or Pittsburg school. A log school was first erected in the 1840s on the site, which is on the south side of C.R. 45, just west of Old C.R. 17. It was replaced by a wood frame building and then a rectangular brick structure in 1876. Garber does not say another building was built after that, so I assume the building still standing today is the one built in 1876 but has been modified.

It remained a school until the end of the spring term in 1919. Then the Grange took over the building for the second time. The school had closed for low enrollment a few years prior, but later reopened before closing for good in 1919. Garber said it is not known for sure how the names of Fairview or Pittsburg came into being. Was the school named after the Grange or vice versa?

C.R. 45 is also known to some as the Old Elkhart Road.

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