Tim Ashley
Tim Ashley
Hello, my name is Tim Ashley, and I have lived in Goshen for more than 11 years now. I enjoy reading, researching and writing about local history very much. I particularly enjoy railroad and transportation history, but also other areas, too.

I've written articles for the online exhibit of the Elkhart County Historical Museum, I have published a small book about the history of west Goshen and I am a writer, editor and photographer for a local newspaper.
In my blog I want to share my enjoyment of local history with others by showing glimpses of the past in photos and short articles.

Many of my blog posts are in Elkhart County, but also Kosciusko, Whitley, Huntington, Fulton, Wabash and possibly other counties.

Once a carriage house, now an attorney's office

A former carriage house on the fringes of downtown Goshen serves as an interesting representation of the country’s transition from using carriages to driving cars.

Posted on May 20, 2014 at 10:27 a.m.

Tim Ashley is a local history buff who has written a book about the history of west Goshen and makes a living as an editor, reporter and photographer at a local paper. He’s a community blogger for The Elkhart Truth, and you can read more of his work on his blog, Local Remnants

This former carriage house in Goshen is a bit unusual in that it was not built until about 1930, according to an inventory of historic structures in Elkhart County published by Indiana Landmarks.

By 1930, of course, the “horseless carriage,” or the automobile, had started to take a firmer grip on the transportation scene. One can wonder just how many carriages were still in use then, but keep in mind there weren’t two cars in every garage, as is common now.

Perhaps the building was used to take care of horses and/or store and maintain carriages for those living in rural areas.

Now used as an office for an attorney, the building is located on West Clinton Street near Second Street on the fringes of downtown. Goshen still has a few of these types of buildings, and this particular one has a gabled front.

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