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Elkhart County Historical Museum to host trivia night on May 8

With the Elkhart County Historical Museum hosting a trivia night on May 8, we've explored some history on trivia itself. We've also posted the answers to some of the questions that'll be asked at the event so you can get a jump on the competition.

Posted on May 1, 2014 at 4:16 p.m.

On Thursday, May 8, the Elkhart County Historical Museum will be hosting a trivia night. It's the first time we've had a trivia night since I've worked at the museum, and I've never heard of any other museum or historic sites that hold a trivia night. To be honest, that is kind of shocking. You see bars and restaurants holding trivia nights on their slow days to boost business, and they have become incredibly popular. So the staff at the museum thought, "Why not here at the museum?" It makes perfect sense for us, as a museum and source of historical knowledge, to host an event that tests people's skills on facts and events.

For those of you out there who are interested, you can reserve a table at the event for $10 by calling the museum at 575-848-4322. You can have up to six people on your team, so try to find experts in certain categories to round out your team and have a recipe for success. If you don't pre-register, DON'T WORRY – the night of the event, you can grab a table for $12. So if you want to save $2, call ahead.

For this blog post I wanted to promote the event, but I also wanted to add some history. So I asked myself, "Is their trivia about trivia?" What I found out by doing some research  was actually quite interesting.

The word "trivia" comes from Latin, and when it is translated, it means "a meeting place of three roads." In ancient Rome the meeting place of three roads usually was a tavern, which was thought of as an insignificant place. That's why today trivia is usually known as facts and knowledge that are seen as insignificant and/or useless. Also, how ironic is that in Rome the word trivia usually signified a tavern, and many trivia nights are found today in bars across the country?

There is also some more history behind the word. The first known use of the word "trivia" in English was in 1589 in England. The word referenced the study of liberal arts, and it was also used to signify that certain facts were only of interest to students and insignificant to everyone else. Sorry, liberal arts majors out there

So there's a history to everything, and even trivia has some interesting facts about it. Now, in our promotion of trivia night, we had posted that we would be posting some of the questions we would be asking along with their answers. So if you're coming to the event, study these next few sentences, because they will be asked. Get a jump on the competition!


Q: There were two U.S. Presidents that had alligators as pets during their time in the White House. Name one of the two.

A: John Quincy Adams and Herbert Hoover


Q: One of the most famous athletes from the area was Goshen's Rick Mirer. He played quarterback at Notre Dame, and what NFL team drafted him with the second overall pick in 1993?

A: Seattle Seahawks


Q: What year did MTV debut on television?

A: 1981


Well, if you come trivia night, you're at least guaranteed to get three of the questions right! So bring some friends, compete against others and test your own knowledge.

Don't forget call the museum to reserve your table today, and we'll see you on May 8!





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