Monday, May 2, 2016

Green Beauty Tips

Posted on March 10, 2014 at 11:35 a.m.

Like many people I use an absurd amount of beauty and hygiene products everyday:



Body wash

Face wash

Hand soap

Hand lotion

Face lotion


makeup remover

. . . and this is only a fraction of the chemical laden, plastic-packaged products I think I need.

In some instances I can just use less: shampoo doubles as body wash, and I can go without nail polish and mascara. However, I have a hard time finding truly eco-friendly versions of the items I find I cannot live without. Although there are many products marketed as "green," I am often wary. How green are they? Where were these products made and how? Why are the ingredient lists still so long?

Then I stumbled upon a post on one of my favorite environmental news blogs which offered a simple solution. The post is titled "7 ways to use oil in your natural beauty routine". Admittedly I was skeptical, after all, nearly every beauty product add portays our natural oils as the enemy. For example, my old go-to makeup remover from Nuetrogena proudly declares that it is "OIL FREE!".

Still afraid that I would erupt in acne, I decided to test the first two uses for oil as makeup remover and face wash. It wasn't the first time I had heard of oil as eye-makeup remover. I have tried this before with success. But, using oil to wash my entire face? I was worried oil could never replace sudsy, micro-beaded face wash. Nevertheless, I purchased sweet almond and castor oil the next day and followed the recipes.

Makeup remover: 1 part castor oil to 2 parts any natural oil of your choosing.

Face wash: a tablespoon of oil (I chose the sweet almond oil because it was least expensive), spread over your face then wipe clean with a hot, wet cloth.

To my surprise, my face felt clean and soft, not dry and taught like after using conventional cleanser, just as the post had said!

Of course these are only two improvements to my lifestyle, and there are many changes I can make to lessen my impact even further. So far my experience with the green beauty routine has been positive: it less expensive, I save precious counter space in my bathroom and most of all it is effective. Dare I take the next step and give the no-poo anti-shampoo trend a try?

Leave me a comment and share your green beauty tips!