Friday, March 6, 2015

Woman shares story of addiction to synthetic marijuana, its dire consequences

Carey, a former synthetic marijuana addict, shares the story of her experience with the drug and how she escaped it. She prefers to remain anonymous because she doesn’t want her family to find out about her drug use.

Posted on June 27, 2014 at 3:14 p.m.

For a year and half I was addicted to "fake marijuana." It is an addiction that would turn my life upside down.

That very first time I smoked it, I fell in love with it. It was more intense than even smoking real weed. It made me not have a care in the world. The thing is, the high is like smoking crack – doesn't last long. You have to smoke a joint every 20 to 30 minutes just to keep up with the buzz. After about a month, my moods started becoming up and down and all around. I became so full of rage. I got into lots of bad fights with my husband.

Heaven forbid running out and not being able to getting any. That would really set me off.

I thought about death quite often. It was to the point I was suicidal. I would go scraping just to make money to buy the stuff. I was smoking three to four bags a day. At one point in time I counted the bags I had for a month, and I had over $1,000 worth for one month. I tied to quit several times. I couldn’t handle the withdrawal, so I would go get a bag or four of them.

My health is very poor because of smoking that stuff. I'm on a medication to lower my blood pressure. I now have tachycardia, which is my heart rate going to high. I’m on medication for that as well.

I quit talking to my son and family. Almost lost them altogether. The sad part is, when you’re getting high on that stuff, that’s all you care about. Thank God for my loving and caring mother in-law. She helped give me the strength to stop my addiction.

The withdrawal from fake is terrible. I had a huge headache. I was vomiting every 15 minutes. I couldn't keep anything down for three days. I had horrible stomach pains. Thank the Lord, on day four I could keep a little down. I was staying hydrated, and that was it. On day five, I kept cherry 7 Up down.

That was one of the longest week of my life. Was literally in bed for a week. My whole body felt like I had the flu times two.

I'm grateful that I made it through it. There are a lot of people who didn't make it. It's so scary the people who have died or are brain dead from that stuff. It’s sad how many people I know who are still addicted. I know they’re still getting the fake marijuana in Elkhart. I moved away from Elkhart so I wouldn't be tempted to relapse. I finally have money after loosing everything I had. Thank God for sobriety. Glad I got out of the addiction to fake. My life is so much better.

I did this article because if I can help one person not start the addiction or stop one person from using fake weed, I did my job.

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