Amish Mafia show isn't accurate portrayal of Lancaster County Amish, residents say

A grassroots group called Respect Amish has started in Lancaster County, Pa., where the Discovery Channel show Amish Mafia is filmed.

Posted on Aug. 26, 2014 at 10:14 a.m.

Discovery Channel’s popular reality show Amish Mafia shows Amish characters taking the law into their own hands, often violently.

But people who actually live in Lancaster County, Pa. where the show is filmed, are fed up with what they say is the exploitation of their Amish neighbors, according to NPR.

Lancaster filmmaker Mary Haverstick even started a website (respectamish.org) and Facebook page calling for an end to Amish Mafia and other shows like it. 

“While dressed in Amish garb, these characters flaunt every principle held dear by Amish societies – non-violence, humble demeanor, good citizenship, and a Biblically-based objection to being photographed,” Respect Amish explains on their site. “Our group finds the assault-rifle imagery depicted...from Amish Mafia to be offensive, inaccurate and wrong.”

Part of the problem for Lancaster County residents seems to be that some Amish Mafia viewers think the show is real.

Lancaster County police get repeated questions from viewers about why they haven't done more to combat the "mafia,“ NPR reports

What do you think? Do shows like Amish Mafia portray Amish people unfairly? Have you ever watched the show?


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