Homeland Security, TSA announce new screening procedure at overseas airports

    Security officers at overseas airports will be on the lookout for explosives disguised as “dead” electronic devices.

    (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko, File)
    Posted on July 7, 2014 at 12:17 p.m.

    The summer travel season is well underway and the Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration are tightening security on foreign flights bound for the United States, with a focus on “dead” laptops and cell phones.

    Officials say they will be focusing on finding explosives that may be concealed as electronic devices, according to a report from USA Today.

    Officers at security checkpoints in overseas airports may ask travelers to turn on their cell phones or other devices. Devices that can’t be turned on will not be allowed on the flight. Travelers may also be subjected to other screening measures such as pat-downs, USA Today reported.

    "In this instance, we felt that it was important to crank it up some at the last point-of-departure airports," Jeh Johnson, secretary of homeland security, said on NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday, July 6. "And we'll continually evaluate the situation."

    What do you think about the new tighter security measures for foreign flights? Does tighter security from the TSA affect how safe you feel while traveling?

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