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American flags set up at Civic Plaza to honor Memorial Day 2014 (Sarah Welliver/The Elkhart Truth)
Memorial Day 2014: Parades, heroes and tributes

Posted on May 26, 2014 at 5:29 p.m.

It’s days like Memorial Day that allow us to slow down and be thankful for the things we sometimes take for granted. In case you’re spending time with family and friends and don’t want to stay on your phone or computer too long, here’s a list of must-reads for Memorial Day 2014:

Click through the gallery to see a recap of the Nappanee Memorial Day Parade.

Obama pledges to end Afghanistan war responsibly by the end of 2014

In an surprise visit to Afghanistan, the president pledged the U.S. combat role in Afghanistan would be over by year’s end.

Fallen soldiers of Elkhart County: Honoring our heroes

We have the names of 384 fallen soldiers from Elkhart County, dating back to World War I. We’re working to find more photos and complete more of the soldiers’ stories. If you recognize a name or have a story to tell, email Sarah Welliver at

World War II soldier killed in action remembered through letters home

Elkhart County soldier Lewis Shaum was only 20 years old when he was killed in action during World War II. His death and the letters he wrote home preceding it left a lifelong impact on his two younger brothers. This is the story of how the brothers used Lewis’ letters to retrace his journey through Europe. 

Man’s Best Friend and Memorial Day

Since World War I, dogs have put their paws firmly in military history, and on Memorial Day, the Internet is full of tales of canine heroism. Here’s five stories of how our canine companions have aided soldiers since World War I. 

Middlebury conducts annual vigil, reading of roll call to honor fallen veterans

It was an emotional day for the Rev. Ron Russell, pastor of Middlebury First United Methodist Church and a Vietnam War veteran, and others in Middlebury’s festivities, which included a dusk-to-dawn vigil at Grace Lawn Cemetery and a parade. “Unless you’ve been there, you don’t really understand the knots in our throats,” Russell said.

Elkhart remembers military heroes at Rice Cemetery

The ceremony spotlighted veterans who died in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the recent rededication of Elkhart’s Memorial Bridge to honor those fallen in World War I. Some speakers stressed need to do more for surviving service members.