10 summer activities under $10 to keep kids entertained

Are your kids bored? Here are 10 inexpensive summer activities to keep them busy.

Posted on May 21, 2014 at 3:21 p.m.

As school prepares to let out for the summer, parents are bracing themselves for a never-ending chorus of “I’m bored!”

A number of Michiana organizations offer summer camps for children of various ages. 

Of course, camp doesn’t last all summer. For the rainy days and down time between activities, here are a few inexpensive activities using household items to keep children busy when boredom hits.

  1. Make balloon rocketsYou can use this simple activity as a lesson in action and reaction, or just race the rockets.
  2. Set up a spy obstacle course. Red string taped at different angles across a hallway makes a great “laser” obstacle course for your James Bond-in-training.
  3. Racing marbles. A pool noodle sliced in half and placed on the stairs makes a great race track for marbles. 
  4. Make a soap cloud. Have you ever put a bar of soap in the microwave? Try it! Afterwards, you can use cookie cutters and food coloring to make colorful soap shapes for kids to play with in the bath.
  5. Play a game of balloon ping pong. Make paddles out of paper plates with popsicle stick handles and let the kids hit a balloon back and forth. 
  6. Make a sugar writing tray. Little ones just learning to write can use this tray to practice penmanship...or just doodle. 
  7. Head outside and make rainbow bubble snakesA water bottle, old sock and some duct tape make a new way to make bubbles.
  8. Make giant bubbles. You can make giant bubble wands from two dowels, some string and a washer. And you can find homemade bubble soap recipes on Pinterest.
  9. Alien bubbles. If regular bubbles are too boring, use dry ice and bubble solution to make these “alien bubbles” that disappear with a puff of smoke.
  10. Brighten up your sidewalks with exploding chalk paint. Fill plastic baggies with this chalk paint recipe using vinegar and baking soda. Kids will love watching the bags pop and creating a tie-dye effect on the sidewalk.

Are the kids still bored? Check out this Buzzfeed list for even more inexpensive summer activities.

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