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Top Elkhart County baby names of 2014 Lucas, Zoey
Posted on May 13, 2014 at 12:48 p.m.

Move over Noah and Sophia.

Lucas and Zoey rule Elkhart County.

On Monday, May 12, we shared America’s top baby names of 2013. Noah and Sophia were No. 1 on the national list, but they didn’t crack the top four in Elkhart County.

The data is based on reports from Elkhart General Hospital, IU Health Goshen, New Eden Care Center, Goshen Birth Center and from home births since Jan. 1, 2014.

Grace, Marie and James were the most popular middle names in the county.

Here are the top four first and middle names for children born in Elkhart County since New Year’s Day:

Elkhart County’s most popular baby names
Girls Boys
1. Zoey 1. Lucas
2. Olivia 2. Ryan
2. Madison 2. Kyle
2. Lillian 2. Caleb









Elkhart County’s most popular middle names


1. Grace 1. James
1. Marie 2. Lee
3. Rose 3. Michael
4. Kay 4. Wayne









According to Social Security Online, the top baby boy names in Indiana in 2012 were Liam, Mason, Elijah and Noah. Indiana’s top baby girl names in 2012 were Emma, Sophia, Olivia and Ava.