Theatre Geeks lands among top 20 podcasts for fans of performing arts

Did you know that there is a podcast recorded at the Bristol Opera House? 

Posted on May 6, 2014 at 6:37 a.m.

BRISTOL — Get ready to geek out.

Theatre Geeks, a podcast recorded at the Bristol Opera House, has been listed among the top 20 shows for theater fans, according to an international performing arts website.

BroadwayWorld.com recognized the podcast in a recent roundup that included shows from across the United States. Theatre Geeks is hosted by two Elkhart Civic Theatre leaders – artistic director John Shoup and executive director Dave Dufour – and Marcia Fulmer, a writer and former Elkhart Truth entertainment editor.

“All too often ‘community theatre’ is turned into a pejorative term used to describe any cheesy or talentless performance,” the BroadwayWorld reviewer wrote. “Marcia, Dave and John use their years of eclectic experiences to provide the millions of community theatre enthusiasts across the country with useful insight into every aspect of the process.”

The trio has been recording since fall 2010, and they release new episodes every week or so. Their conversations range from theater audience etiquette to acting and the use of licensed music in productions.

The hosts invite special guests to their studio, interview people over the phone, and some even join the podcast via Skype. They talk with professionals working in the theater industry and others involved in community theater. One recent long-distance guest was Colleen Williamson, an actress and singer who has spent more than 20 years entertaining on cruise ships.

Dufour said he especially enjoyed chatting with Chicago Tribune drama critic Chris Jones and actress Deirdre Lovejoy, who is Fulmer’s daughter. Lovejoy has appeared in the HBO drama “The Wire,” “Bad Teacher” with Cameron Diaz, and in a Broadway production of “Lucky Guy” with Tom Hanks.

“She’s been with us a number of times,” DuFour said. “On occasion, we’ve done a live show with a live audience, which is always fun either at the opera house or at some other venue. She came in two times via Skype on video, so she was on this great big screen in front of the audience and we recorded it for the podcast.”

DuFour, Shoup and Fulmer have recorded more than 120 episodes and each is roughly 20 minutes long. The podcast is available on iTunes and at theatregeeks.com.

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