Clubs and organizations, May 4, 2014

Check out the minutes from club meetings in Elkhart County, from the Concord Rotary Club to the Elkhart Community Lions Club.

Posted on May 4, 2014 at 5:43 a.m.


Guests at the April 16 meeting included Scott Puckett of the Elkhart Noon Rotary Club; Dan Cunningham, Concord High School principal; and Nate Condor and Lucy Campos, students of Concord High. Nate and Lucy discussed their impressions and learning experiences when they attended a Rotary World Affairs Conference at Goshen College with Cunningham. Concord Rotary sponsored their attendance at this meeting.

The students of Concord High School are a primary focus of the club. They have provided clothing, scholarships, education, exchange students and service to the Concord School Corp. for many years. In return, the students have provided excellence in their learning skills and have fed the community with leadership.

Nate gives an impression of a person who already has serious leadership skills. His confidence and communication skills were evident as he spoke to the club. He also is able to think on his feet and speak to questions club members provided. Nate was not sure of his impression of the conference at first, but felt that he had established some great relationships through the meeting. Nate is a certified scuba diver and is showing interest in marine biology.

Cunningham was confident in Lucy’s abilities and had assisted her in making good choices to represent Concord Rotary. Her leadership skills also were apparent from her confidence, communication skills and self-presentation. The conference was focused on the subject of climate change, which included a great breakfast (both agreed), group discussions and video conferencing. Lucy answered questions from the group and also displayed her ability to communicate on her feet in a very poised and intelligent manner.

Meetings are at noon Wednesdays at the Concord Mall Community Room. All are welcome to come and share a meal and visit the club.


The club hosted an Easter bingo party on April 15 for 25 Golden Living residents instead of holding its regular meeting. Everyone had a good time playing bingo, opening prizes and eating all the refreshments provided by the Lions.

Meetings are the first and third Tuesdays of the month at Greenleaf Health Center.

Information: Rosemary Miller, president, at 269-641-5203

Website: e-Clubhouse.org/sites/elkhartcommunityIN/


“Strengthen, Build & Support” was the theme of the annual Achievement Night for Elkhart County Extension Homemakers on April 28 in the Elkhart County Community Center on the Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds in Goshen.

Rosalie Bontrager, Middlebury, Friends & Neighbors, served as chair of the Achievement Night committee and began the evening by welcoming guests. Dian Wilkey, Middlebury, Middlebury Homemakers, led the Pledge of Allegiance and Club Creed, and Lisa Honey, Goshen, Clinton Clique, gave the invocation.

Mary Ann Lienhart-Cross, Extension educator, installed the newly elected county officers for the 2014-15 club year. They are Donna Hibschman, Syracuse, Hex Rural, president; Tena Jakubowicz, Middlebury, Homemakers of Today, vice president; Debra Pepple, Elkhart, Creative Homemakers, secretary; Cathy Van Huystee, Elkhart, Four Seasons, treasurer; Janet Ryman, Goshen, Busy Homemakers assistant treasurer; and Jennifer Chupp, Goshen, Friends & Neighbors, adviser.

The Outstanding Clubs of the Year were recognized and presented certificates for the Gold, Silver and Bronze Club level. This year, 18 clubs participated in the recognition system. The traveling gavel was presented to Mary Leach, Middlebury, Middlebury Homemakers, Club of the Year club president. A special plaque with the club’s name hangs in the Home and Family Arts Building.

Clubs earning the Gold Award and their presidents were Nancy Miller, Clinton Classics; Vicki Burnett, Four Seasons; Patricia Mungia, Friends & Neighbors; Donna Hibschman, Hex Rural; Jakubowicz, Homemakers of Today; and Leach, Middlebury Homemakers.

Clubs earning the Silver Award and their presidents were Joellen Allison, Bound for Knowledge; Sandy Bartoe, Busy Homemakers; Janet Ganger, Clinton Clique; Rebecca Buss, Creative Homemakers; Kris Peterson, Faithful Friends; Helen Koller, Jefferson Homemakers; and Linda Weltz, York Homemakers.

The Bronze Award was presented to Debra Scheets, Creative Circle; Carol Kuhns, Helping Hands; Georgi Rhodes, Modern Homemakers; Lesley Lashley, S.E.L.F; and Catherine Mabie, Zion Homemakers.

Jennifer Chupp, county president, and Lienhart-Cross presented certificates to the following members who served as chairpersons of county committees: Allison, Cheryl Baker, Rosalie Bontrager, Chupp, Ruth F. Clouse, Gerry Geyer, Mariann Hollopeter, Honey, Ramona Huber, Barbara Longcor, Kris Peterson and Martha Weirich.

A special highlight of the evening was the announcement of the Homemaker of the Year winners. The Extension Homemaker clubs may nominate one member for each of the three age categories: Young Homemaker, age 39 or younger; Intermediate Homemaker, from 40 to 59 years of age; and Senior Homemaker, age 60 and over. The homemaker and her club fill out the application where the following questions are answered: 1. How do you view your role as a homemaker? 2. In addition to homemaking, what is your present and/or past occupation or profession? 3. Describe some of the activities you have completed as a member or volunteer in the following: a. Extension Homemaker Club; b. church and community service; c. past or present activities with or for your children or children in general; and d. personal and family goals.

The following Elkhart County businesses provided the three winners with various gifts: First State Bank, Goshen; Hawkins Water Tech, Inc., Middlebury; Kroger Foods, Goshen; Pam Weinland for Mary Kay Cosmetics, Goshen; Snider’s Leading Jewelers, Inc., Goshen; and Woldruff’s Footwear, Goshen.

Those honored with nominations by their clubs in the senior category were Joan Bailey, Goshen, Clinton Classics; Beverly Earnhart, Goshen, Fairfield Homemakers; Hollopeter, Syracuse, Hex Rural; Rosealene Long, Middlebury, Middlebury Homemakers; Brenda Mestach, New Paris, Friends & Neighbors; and Van Huystee, Elkhart, Four Seasons. In the intermediate category were Janet Gardner, Millersburg, Hex Rural; Jennifer Prough, Shipshewana, Middlebury Homemakers; and Becky Randolph, Goshen, Clinton Classics. The nominee honored in the young category was Becky Smuts, Goshen, Friends & Neighbors.

Bailey, a 21-year member currently with the Clinton Classics Extension Homemakers Club, was the winner in the senior category. Bailey shared that some of the most memorable moments in her life were the birth of her two sons and being a foster parent to a special little girl whom she and her husband, Lowell, adopted. Bailey is an active member of the Elkhart County Extension Homemakers, serving on various county committees and offices within her own club as well as a past county president and previous Home & Family Arts Building director during the fair.

Gardner, winner of the intermediate category, has been a member of the Hex Rural Extension Homemakers Club for 25 years. She reflected on a time when she was a new homemaker and brought her crying newborn son to club. Another member offered to hold him, explaining that sometimes when a person who is less tense holds a crying baby, he settles down. Needless to say, as soon as she held him, he stopped crying. Gardner said, “That was the first of the many things I learned from my Homemaker ladies along the way, not just about raising children, but cooking and praying and giving of your time to someone else. These ladies have enriched my life greatly, and I will never forget the fun we have together.”

The Young Homemaker of the Year winner, Becky Smuts, is a six-year member of Friends & Neighbors Extension Homemakers Club. She is a third-generation member of her club, was a 10-year 4-H member and has been married to her husband, Sean, for eight years. They have two wonderful children and are active members of their church. Of her role as a homemaker, Smuts shared that she is a “full-time stay-at-home mom/homemaker for almost six years and she wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

A special memorial service was conducted for deceased members by committee members Van Huystee and Deb George.

Chupp and Lienhart-Cross presented certificates to Sarah LeCount, Busy Homemakers; Judy Hochstedler, Fairfield Homemakers; Angela Black, Britt Calentine, Carla Gull and Becka Jimenez, Faithful Friends; Andrea Ulrich, Friends & Neighbors; Martha O’Connell, Hex Rural; Jennifer Maso, Homemakers of Today; Diana Weldy, Progressive Homemakers; and Stephanie O’Connell, York Homemakers.

Special recognition was given to members with 50 years of Extension Homemaker membership. From Be-Y’s Homemakers was Donna Moser of Millersburg, and from the Homemakers of Today Club were Nancy Hawkins of Middlebury and Sharon Lemmon of Goshen.

Twenty-five-year members were recognized on stage and certificates were presented to the following members: Brenda McCuddy, Creative Homemakers; Beverly Fisher-Yoder, Fairfield Homemakers; Janet Gardner, Hex Rural; Catherine Yoder, Homemakers of Today; Marjorie Groves and Penny Stroup, Jefferson Homemakers; and Mary Ann Eisenbeiss, Zion Homemakers.

Long-term Extension Homemakers were recognized for those whose membership has gone beyond 50 years. Members are recognized at the platinum level beginning at 70 years membership; gold level, beginning at 65 years membership; silver level, beginning at 60 years membership; and bronze level, beginning at 55 years membership.

Members recognized at the silver level were Ramona Prough, Be-Y’s; Mabel Wortinger, Clinton Clique; and Shirley Hoover, Modern Homemakers. At the bronze level was Wilkey of Middlebury Homemakers.


Paul Thomas honored Lions with April birthdays at the April 23 meeting, particularly Em Manley, age 92, who joined the club in 1950.

Patsy Boehler, ETHOS (Encouraging Technology and Hands-on Science) executive director, described the various programs and projects of the center. Begun approximately 14 years ago, ETHOS focuses on science materials management and teacher training. Four inquiry-based science kits are provided to local teachers. The curriculum is based on research and has been approved by the National Science Foundation. ETHOS is a nationally recognized teacher-training center and houses a hands-on science museum that is aligned with science standards. Local RV companies transformed a decommissioned school bus into a mobile science center, Sci2Go, which travels to local schools. Summer science camps are offered, as are many community events. ETHOS has partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs to provide after-school science programs. Robotics is a particularly popular program. Indiana’s first state robotics championship will be hosted by ETHOS at North Side Gym in May. More information is available at www.ethosinc.org.

Upcoming events: Saturday, May 10, district cabinet meeting at Greene Township; May 24-26, Flags from the Heart

Meetings are noon Wednesdays at Christiana Creek Country Club and are open to the public.

Upcoming: Wednesday, May 7, Austin Ellsworth, Salvation Army youth minister; May 14, Charlie Florence, Indiana Whiskey Company

Website: www.elkhartlions.org


Jeff Peat gave the Foundation Minute at the April 28 meeting, challenging the club to meet the new annual giving goal.

Sherm Hansen honored Cody Skipper and Jason Tripp with Rotary Community Service Awards for their actions during January’s fatal shootings at Martin’s Super Market. Sherm said the officers undoubtedly saved lives of many others. The club felt the men deserved the award by displaying “service above self,” which is one of the club’s mottoes. The officers then received a long standing ovation.

Bob Schultz gave his best sergeant’s presentation ever. The money raised will be pooled with other weekly sergeants into a fund disbursed annually to area nonprofits.

Matt Sanders, Parenting and Family Support Centre director at the University of Queensland, was the speaker. He came from Australia to help CAPS and the Horizon Education Alliance launch the Positive Parent Program, or Triple P, which Sanders created back in Australia, here in Elkhart County.

Sanders originated a communitywide parenting model that, when implemented through media promotion, seminars and focus groups, helps break the cycle of household violence and abuse by exposing parents and children who become parents with positive ways to raise children they have never seen. Sanders’ method equips parents with the skills and confidence they need to manage family issues without ongoing support.

Triple P started as a doctoral thesis more than 30 years ago and has proven to be almost universally successful, with more than 250 published papers, including more than 140 clinical trials. Triple P has become one of the world's most-trusted parenting interventions, cited in reports by bodies such as the World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the United Nations.

It is used in 25 countries around the world – in situations ranging from individual health care or educational practitioners delivering directly to their own clients, and to county, state or national governments training work forces to deliver Triple P in tailored or population-based rollouts. For more information visit www.triplep.net/glo-en/home/.

Upcoming: Monday, May 5, Phillip Thomas, “Conflict Prevention and Democratic Dialogue”; May 12, Carl Tiedemann, “Tiedemann Wines”

Meetings are at noon Mondays at the Matterhorn Banquet and Conference Center, 2041 Cassopolis in Elkhart.

Information: www.elkhartrotary.org/


Rudy Stegelmann introduced guests Paula Maddox, Gretchen Lund, Teresa Cataldo, Jim Erb, and speakers Lori Shreiner and Jeremy Sheets at the April 22 meeting.

Shreiner, Goshen Middle School principal, and Sheets, Goshen sixth-grade principal, provided the program. Goshen Middle School has 1,500 students and is one of the largest in Indiana. They are a TAP school (Tap System for Teacher and Student Advancement using mentors).

Upcoming: Monday, May 5, highway cleanup starting at Old Goshen Inn; Saturday, May 10, LaCasa Help-a-House; June 10, auction

Information: Dorothy Shirk at 533-1521


April 22 found members and guests enjoying dinner at the Olive Garden restaurant in Elkhart. Those present found the menu filled with delightful surprises, including scrumptious desserts. Conversations centered around the Celaeno Province Convention and who would be attending.

Eleven members traveled to Oakwood Resort on Lake Wawasee for the convention. All were honored to have Karen Kammer, national president from Ohio, and Becky Kueffer, vice president from Oklahoma, attend and conduct the initiation ceremony for new members. Other honored guests were Sharon Osterberger, Sterope Province trustee; Susan Yoder, Celaeno Province trustee; and Christine Durban from Missouri, national executive secretary/treasurer.

“STOSH” of Stosh & Company (Mark Potuck), who reminded all present of the importance of laughter in maintaining good health, was the entertainment for the day.

The awards, pledge, attendance, yearbook and scholarship were presented after the evening meal prepared by Oakwood chefs and bakers. It was a wonderful weekend and an excellent place to have a convention.


Tasha Eizinger served as toastmaster at the April 29 meeting. Mark Griffin gave a speech, which Steve Peer evaluated. JoEllen Eisenhour served as table topics master, and Karen Bartow was the general evaluator. Sondra Resen was the lexicologist, giving the word of the day.

The club congratulates Eizinger for taking second place in the district International Speech Competition.

Maple City Toastmasters welcomes new member Adam Fleming to the club.

Toastmasters empowers individuals to become better communicators and leaders through overcoming their fear of public speaking and increasing their confidence. Anyone involved in sales, teaching and customer service would benefit by this club.

Meeting are from noon to 1 p.m. Tuesdays at the Goshen Chamber of Commerce. The public is welcome to attend to you to see if Toastmasters can assist in your communication skills.

Information: Mark Lindemood at 364-2701 or mlindemood@yahoo.com


Twelve members met April 22 for dinner at the Lux Café in Goshen. Final plans were made for the Wakarusa Maple Syrup Festival Parade on April 26. Members were informed that the Red Hat Society started in April 1998. Linda Smith was given a plant in a watering can for her birthday, and Eleanor Hawkins won the same as the door prize.

Upcoming: Tuesday, May 6, Bunco Night

The next meeting will be May 27 at the Elkhart Olive Garden with Pat Frank and Jan Stutz as hostesses.


Jeff Showalter introduced visiting Rotarian Gavin Miller at the April 25 meeting. Student Rotarians from Goshen High School included Maria Mares, Noah Shreiner, John Trenshaw, Joel Rockwood, Bethany Metzler and Alicia Cuzzocrea.

Members said goodbye to Goshen College student scholarship recipients Ezra Ocubamichael and Krishnan Ganesan. Both gave exemplary comments, thanking everyone for the experience in being part of Rotary this semester as well as being scholarship recipients. Arlin Hunsberger also received thanks for his outstanding work with the student scholarship program.

Adlai Schrock introduced speaker Gavin Miller of Lake City Bank. Miller is an IU grad and has been a commercial loan officer for 14 years. He works out of the downtown Goshen Lake City Bank office. As noted, Miller is a Rotarian, a member of the Nappanee club. He provided a summary of the local economy in relation to the national economy.

There will be no meeting July 4.

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