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A group of students sang hymns to peacefully protest the preachings of a couple from Texas who visited Goshen College's campus on Thursday, April 24, 2014 to warn students to repent for sins or face hellfire. (Angelle Barbazon/The Elkhart Truth)
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Posted on April 30, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.

Jimtown High School senior shares story of boyfriend’s high-flying prom proposal

Jimtown High School senior Sky Radtke shared a story with us about how her boyfriend, Tyler Blosser, asked her to the prom. The following was sent to us and is quoted verbatim:

"I wanted to share with you how I was asked to prom, or, "promposed" to that is!

If there is an award for the worlds best boyfriend, Tyler has definitely earned it. A few weeks ago, he told me that a pilot from the airport was going to do a nighttime fly for his wife to test out her new camera lens because she is a photographer. I was super excited just because it was something different to do for a date night and let's face it, who else has a boyfriend who has an airport in the family? We took off at 9:00pm and flew for a few minutes."  

Promposal 1

"I saw that we were approaching the runway and thought we were about to land when Tyler and the photographer told me to look out the window, that's when I realized that the plane had lowered and slowed down so I could read "prom?" lit up with 200 white paper bags and candles."

Promposal 2

"I didn't really know what to do but laugh. Who thinks of this? I never in a million years would have expected someone to go this big just to ask me to a dance. All I could say was "this is too funny" simply because he normally never gets any surprise by me and he managed to pull this big of a surprise off without me knowing." 

Promposal 3

“I'm so SO lucky to have someone like Ty in my life. I'm so incredibly spoiled and loved. I honestly cannot thank him enough for making me feel this special. No Pinterest idea will ever top being asked to prom 500ft in the air by my best friend. My senior prom will definitely be one to remember."

The Jimtown High School prom will be on Saturday, May 3.

Random acts of kindness encouraged Thursday on International Pay It Forward Day

International Pay It Forward Day was celebrated around the world on Thursday, April 24. The event encourages people to perform random acts of kindness throughout the day.

The Pay It Forward 4-H Club celebrated the worldwide event in Elkhart by handing out crackers - decorated toilet tubes which are stuffed with candy and a message encouraging them to perform a kind act. Santa's Pantry posted this message on their Facebook page about one such interaction the Pay It Forward Club had with a stranger on that day:

"In the 6 years we have promoted the Pay It Forward concept, I have to honestly say that today was by far the most emotional but rewarding one. Our Pay It Forward (4H) Club went out tonight randomly giving out little gifts of candy with cards to encourage others to pay it forward. We gave one to a gentleman, he politely accepted it and went to his car. A couple minutes later he pulled up to me and asked if I had a moment. He explained that he was with the Department of Defense and home on leave from Dubai. He had been having a very bad day and our kids and the little gift of candy just made his day. He gave our club this currency as a momentum to remind us how much it means to others when we do acts of kindness. I admit it, my eyes filled with tears but you know what, it got to a couple of our kids too. Here we were trying to make someone's day and in turn they made ours. What a great life lesson for our kids and just a awesome experience overall."

Goshen College students respond to Lepelley couple preaching on campus with hymns and worship

Goshen College students responded to a couple preaching about “hellfire that sinners face if they don’t repent” by singing hymns at them on Thursday, April 24. Chris and Catherine LePelley, members of Open Air Holiness Ministries in Texas, visits campuses across the country to warn students against sinning. When the LePelleys visited the Goshen College campus, student Bobby Switzer organized an impromptu choir to sing hymns at the couple in response to their preaching.

"We are a strongly religious school," Switzer said. "The students are very spiritual, and we like to sing. We sing to God. We sing to our community. We sing praise. We like to sing. We decided, they like to worship too, and we all worship the same god. Let's sing together and have a time to worship together."

"We asked them, 'Would you like to worship with us? Would you like to sing hymns with us," Switzer continued. "Their response was, 'Are any of you free from sin?' No, we are all sinners. They said they could not fraternize with sinners, so we decided we're going to sing anyway."

Goshen student launches first newspaper for Model Elementary School

Model Elementary School student Jacob Smith decided last winter that his school needed a newspaper. The 11-year-old then approached Principal Lynne Peters with the idea, and presented the official proposal she asked for. "The Bulldog Times" was then published for the first time in March with a front page profile of Peters. Jacob now runs "The Bulldog Times" with a team of fifth graders who get most of their content from things they are interested in, such as comic books and sports.

Even though Jacob will be attending Goshen Middle School next year, he isn't worried about "The Bulldog Times." He hopes a fourth grader will take over the newspaper once he's moved on.

Elkhart Central kids raise $3,740 for Riley Hospital for Children in dance marathon

More than 100 students participated in a dance marathon to raise money for Riley Hospital for Children on Saturday, April 26, at the Elkhart Central High School gymnasium. They raised $3,740.20 at Saturday’s event for the Indianapolis children’s hospital, totaling $11,170 raised in the four years they have hosted the dance marathon.


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